Wine Teasers Wine Game

At the rate that smartpost takes to get things to New Hampshire, I think I would be lucky in order to be able to use this as a stocking stuffer by Christmas of 2011…

The wife and I used this game to increase our wine knowledge, so we don’t sound like newbies at wine tastings.

Quantity Breakdown
41% bought 1
02% bought 2
57% bought 3

To the 43% of you who did NOT buy three items @ $0.01 each, I say “now that’s using the old noodle!”

In for 3! I can throw throw one of these in the ‘wine bag’ with a bottle of wine for a quick…“Look, I planned for your birthday!” gift (when we both know I did nothing of the sort.)

I collect unique wine gift bags for just those occasions. This will lend some legitimacy to those last minute gifts.

Can’t I buy more than 3? Is there a way?

Why would I buy 3 of these? I get that it’s only $0.02 more, but other than buying one to have sitting around to use with friends, these are useless.

Gifts you say? Are your friends into antique games?

This is the 2005 Edition, there is at least one, maybe 2, newer versions of this same game out there. Nothing says “Happy ______” like an outdated game you clearly picked up at a rummage sale (electronic or otherwise).

Ugh, wootoff… probably going to end up missing the gifts I want… hmm unless there is some winewootoff app for Android…

Hard to beat 3 stocking stuffer gifts for an average of $1.68 a pop. Now how about some wine please?

I don’t even know why you would buy ONE if you didn’t like the idea, or thought it a poor gift! And I doubt that wine has changed so much since 2005 that a game such as this would be obsolete. But if I HAD to come up with some reasons…

  1. Clip extra cards on bicycle to make it sound like a motorcycle.

  2. Kindling for starting a fire.

  3. Build a “house of cards”.

  4. Practice magic tricks.

  5. Use extra set to replace wine stained cards from earlier in the evening.

I cannot remember the name of the wine I’m looking for. Nuvo something. It is said that you will have good luck if you drink it during the year it came out.

Anyone know what this can be?