Wine.Woot Favorites for the Holidays!

Wine.Woot Favorites for the Holidays!

Raised By Wolves Bad Moon Rising Red Blend 6-Pack
$99.99 $253.00 60% off List Price
2010 Bad Moon Rising Red Blend, Columbia Valley

Lang Wines Barbera 6-Pack
$72.99 $133.00 45% off List Price
2010 Barbera, Amador County, Oakmont Vineyards

Stillman Brown Deep Purple Petite Sirah 2-Pack
$49.99 $110.00 55% off List Price
2012 Stillman Petite Sirah, Paso Robles, “Deep Purple”

Ty Caton Vineyards Special Select 3-Pack
2010 Ty Caton Cabernet Sauvignon
2011 Ty Caton Petit Verdot
2011 Ty Caton Petite Syrah

Kent Rasmussen 2010 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
$59.99 $133.00 55% off List Price
2010 Kent Rasmussen Napa Valley Chavez & Leeds Vineyard, Rutherford Petite Sirah

Ardente Estate Winery Mixed 6-Pack
$114.99 $289.00 60% off List Price
1996 Ardente Espressione Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grand Reserva
2006 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grande Reserva
2007 Ardente Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak Napa Valley, Grand Reserva

WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
$59.99 $108.00 44% off List Price
2005 WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Scott Harvey 2010 1869 1.5L Magnum
Scott Harvey 2010 1869 1.5L Magnum

Wow, there’s a bunch of goof stuff here. I dont even need to watch the woot -off.

I should never have even looked here…


That 1869 mag has my name written all over it :slight_smile:

I don’t have a storage spot for mags otherwise it would be on my Xmas list.

Members price without shipping is $80 I think. Nice deal on one of my favorite wines - so refined.

I’m eyeing that Crucible - maybe a pair.

No doubt, sitting at Mccarran airport, heading home after 4 nights in Vegas (in which I tore into some excellent Woot Wines) and now a woot off and the RBW’s red blend ?
stay strong, stay strong.

I popped open a wine smith in Vegas, nice juice

Scott Harvey Wines (.com) is selling the magnum for $100.
I’ve had every wine they make, and have been a club member in the past. They never fail to make a superb wine, and Zin is their specialty. This is an awesome deal

Indeed it is, and the club price is $80, plus shipping unless you get a case or more.

and while we’re talking rocking deals, assuming you just want the 2007 Ardente, and want to pay ~$9 more a bottle, plus shipping, just visit Wine Spies.

WD really scored for those that like these!

I’m thinking of splurging on the Ty Catons. Any encouragement?

Wow, “wine.woot favorites” is an understatement! With Ohio back onboard, I’ve got some hard decisions to make but am thankful for the opportunity to make those decisions.

Oh lord, so tempting. I could easily go in for 1 (or more) each of the Ty Caton, 1869 Mag, Crucible, Ardente, Kent Rasmussen, and Stillman. Sheesh.

I’ve been meaning to try Ty Caton, and a three-bottle sampler is a mighty tempting way in. What’s the drinking window on these guys? I know his wines are cellar friendly, and I’m curious how long I should ideally wait to try them out.

No worries, drink em up!

Not helping!

I’m actually kind of grateful woot is not shipping to Tennessee because I don’t think I would be able to exhibit self control with this selection of wine…