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Cool is cool.

Wine.Woot Tool Kit [Exclusive] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Wine.Woot Tool Kit

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I had hoped to console myself for just missing the Corison with the next offering, but…no. She who hesitates gets no wine.

when do we get a bottle of chards on wine woot - all the broken bottles and random returns?

Darn, missed a couple today I am regretting. Please wine.woot, go back to more wine & less gadgets…

yesterday, I believe?

It could be the first wine.woot wine case o’ crap!

You’d probably be about the only one in that camp at this point…

“A SIWBM buys me nothing but nothing!” has been the motto of the lemmings as they jump off the fence today…

Seriously, though, if you really missed some things you wanted, I do believe there’s an EWN for that.

The double hinged corkscrew in this set is pretty nice. Hefty piece of gear.

How did I miss the Corrison?!?!?!?!?!?!! Damn you work!

An “EWN”? I missed the Corison due to a call from my boss! Have to talk to her to earn the money to buy the wine! Maybe the Corisonn will come back after the wootoff is over? WD? PLEASE?

The Emergency Woot Network, as they call it. Email, text, email by text, however you take it. See jwhite, purveyor of spreadsheets, or the octocat herself, Cheron, for your opportunity.

Still won’t help you with the bosses. Only an emergency trip to the restroom will do it there.

I don’t think my credit card can handle any more wines :slight_smile:

And yet the lights are still on. :slight_smile:

The show must go on!

Good to hear, I jumped before anybody commented on the solidity of the gear because my old waiter’s friend broke and my current one is junk.

This is pure madness, three woot’s so far for me over the last two days…

Little Vineyard

I hoping it slows down a bit and I will tell myself to not buy unless some X Winery shows up. That Corsion sold out in 18 minutes(300 woot’s)…

Anybody know the record for the fastest sell out?

Since I don’t have any tools of my own, this was an easy decision. No more plastic corkscrews and kitchen knives for me! I <3 wine.woot.

Good double level cork screw. Excellent stopper. And a common wheel foil cutter. Foil cutters are disposable and the fitted compartment will hold most any replacement.

Since the beginning of this wootoff I’ve actually bought more items from wine.woot than regular woot, which I never expected. This is just the latest.

Oh, totally. This is my 3rd wine.woot, and I didn’t get anything from the main woot off.