Wine.Woot Tool Kit

As to build quality, on a scale of 1 to 10: the corkscrew is a 7.5, the stopper is a 10, the foil cutter is a 6, and the box is a 2. Overall, a good buy. WD, can we have a 3-pack of the stoppers at some point? Please?

my! things come and go so quickly here.

no sooner was i looking up balsamic info online than that offer disappeared only to be replaced by wine i didn’t even get to see what it was, and then two different winestoppers/opener thingies. all within 24 hours. sheesh.

what’s standard length for things being available, or is there such a thing?

even before this i was going to ask what hour, eastern time, do offerings change, but i see that’s moot. or woot.

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She who gets no wine hath no reason to live! :frowning:

During normal times, there is a new wine.woot every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

However in these times of unrest/madness during a woot off, things last as long as they are available and in the case of the Corison, 18 minutes…

Missed both ty catons and the corison… the corison vertical from 2008 was so, so, so good.

Bought lots of wine :slight_smile: worst comes to worst get the Monkey!!

I bet you’re new.

Normally items change at 12 midnight Central time. (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday on Wine.Woot! Everyday on the other sites.)

Currently we’re having a “woot-off”. (Notice the flashing lights and the status bar.) During a woot-off items change as they sell out. Sometimes quickly, e.g. 18 mins for the Corison, and sometimes more slowly. That’s part of the excitement and frustration.

Good luck!

Excuse my ignorance, but whats this Monkey everybody talks about?

Just one more wine woot today and I will be getting a nice divorce lawyer!

What! You don’t know what a SCREAMING MONKEY IS??? Check the site at 10pm east mid or west coast time and buy at least two!! my co-workers hate me!

The screaming monkey usually is the last item on the regular woot page at the end of a wootoff. It makes a screeching sound and has elastic arms so you can fling at things (or people). Its surprisingly loud.

Has this shipped yet for anyone? Hasn’t for me…

me neither…


Received my shipping notification as well.

received mine today! Good luck everyone!

Received mine without the stopper! oh noes!1!

anyone else have this problem?