Wine.Woot Tool Kit


Picked this up on the debut and really love it – nicest corkscrew I’ve ever had. Same with the foil cutter. Most of them don’t work very well, but this one pops off a neat little circle each time. I, sadly, just broke the case yesterday as it fell off the fridge. Popping corks and crutches don’t mix.


Woot decided that they either like torturing everyone or breaking our wallets, or both. This is insane.


This is a nice set. I wooted last time and gifted one.

oooh double hinged wine key! Way easier to use than those plebeian single hinge keys.

Just when I thought my wallet was safe, Wootoff comes back from the dead.

Hopefully we see some corison or ty caton field blend maybe?

But… but… but… it’s another wine.woot off. This is nice, but the wine.woot off = INSANITY!!!

No one seems to even be phased.

The stoppers are nice and heavy, they work great too. This is a great set of quality tools.

Whoaa a minute here…Damn I love these Woot people…

Hold on to your creditcards


Bought this on the regular wine.woot, and it’s a very nice set. Appropriate for gifts or for yourself!

The reason we arent phased is because we are all still in shock from either drinking or watching basketball and crying over your bracket

Nice. One for me, two as gifts.

Heh, on my first use, I went something like, “What the hell’s with the second hinge? That… OOH, IT WORKS BETTER!”

Bought one of these on the last wine wootoff and I’ve been very impressed. Good quality and very nice looking. Definitely something worth adding to your collection or even giving as a gift

I just bought one of these sets from Woot for my husband’s birthday… which is on Sunday. :slight_smile: We haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

I have to say though, its very pretty in person.

As for the woot-off sneak attack, I just took my medication for the night! Now I’m going to have to fight drowsiness in order to keep up. :stuck_out_tongue:

i got this a long time ago, i love it, but i haven’t gotten to use it on wine yet, still waiting for monkey prize…but i have used it to open beer bottles, works great for that too!

Damn, was gonna get this until I saw “wine.woot” is engraved on the wine opener.