Wine.Woot Tool Kit

As I lay my head to sleep please God let my melting credit card survive another day of the sneak attack Wine Wootoff!


I’ve purchased these twice before now… They are really good quality and everyone is impressed that I gift them to. Not to mention the couple that we have saved for ourselves… It’s nice to be able to stock up on more gifties…

Is there an equivalent to that tracks wine.wootoffs?

I downloaded Wootalyzer, and they will follow wine.woot - you just need to tweak the settings.

Re the Field Blend, that wine is no longer being produced.

i am an alcoholic and i’m in for one

He has a new version of it called “Ty’s Red.” Same deal. Different name.

You kidding? That’s one of the reasons I got it.

Man, I’d be in for this if I could get just the wine key… don’t really need any of the other stuff.

do I need to be 21 to order this set? the wine openers at my work suck and I have broken too many corks waiting tables.

If I was not an alcoholic I will be one soon…Thanks Woot!


Nope. Order away and order quickly.

thanks kyle!

Wow. I couldn’t sleep for two hours, so I come to check for Friday’s wine, and now I’m plagued by this wine.woot off. This is madness!

No worries.

Soooo close.

I’m going to bed after the next item comes up. Hopefully.

I use the wine key at work all the time. :slight_smile: It’s very good quality.

(I am a waiter.)

How much was this? Make me feel better and say $75 as I could use one and am mad I missed out.