Wineries you would like to visit in Napa/Yountville area

Hi everyone. Thought this would be a good place to ask as it is a question for people who want to visit the Napa area, not just live here.

Basic background for this. My local bike shop in the town of Napa is planning on starting tours upvalley to the Yountville area. The tours of course will be to wineries in the area and up to Yountville.

Just would like to get some opinions of where people would like to visit if they were in this area. I think it would be better to ask more than just the people who live here, but if you do happen to live in this area, please feel free to comment also.

We are also hoping to get some local businesses involved for a coupon book that customers will also receive when they purchase the tour package.

This is in the first couple of days of an idea, but we want to plan this around the wineries so the sooner we can get a list the better we can make this experience.

I am always checking out the deals on woot site so any questions or comments will be answered within a day. Thanks for your input and I will keep you updated on what we are doing.

You may wish to post this in wine.woot; you’ll likely receive better responses.

Oh, thought this was the wine.woot area. Went through that portal, but now I see that this is just the general forums that they all lead to.



For what it’s worth, I like your idea.