Wines That Rock Mixed Red - 8 Pack

Wines That Rock Mixed Red - 8 Pack
$99.99 + $5 shipping
2 Grateful Dead 2009 Red Wine Blend
2 Rolling Stones Forty Licks 2008 Merlot
2 Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
2 The Police Synchronicity 2007 Red Wine Blend
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Interesting, but thankfully at least easy for me to pass. Does seem like a decent price though.

I dig the labels, but what about quality?

Easy pass after all the wine I’ve bought the last few days…but I’m sure some people will appreciate the novelty of it and buy it for the labels.

$100 is a bit steep for 8 cool lables

In for one! I’m diggin’ the low(er) alcohol, and the killer labels. For about $13.00 a bottle (incl. shipping), these are too cool! Hubby is a big Pink Floyd fan and I love me some Rolling Stones and Police. Rock On!

Review of the wine here

At around $15 a bottle normally this is roughly the equivalent of getting one bottle for free.

Maybe if it was just the Dead and Floyd. I’d rather pass a stone than listen to the Stones. 08/27/72- just a reminder.

Quality is not exactly jumping out from this is it? Not at all surprised that the CT reviews are not good. Very, very easy pass, even if I were in a wine buying mode which I am not.

Reminds me of the Elvis wines sold here a few years back, except that at least in this case there seems to be a winemaker identified.

Is that really a review or just a copy of the winemaker’s tasting notes?

Crap, your correct. I think those are the winemakers notes.

“Cesare rocks out with some narly links.”

This is embarrassing. It’s spelled Gnarly.

[MOD: I’M TIRED!!! It’s post woot-off. :wah: ]

Anyways, I knew These looked familiar.

I’ve been interested but not so much as to pay 160 dollars for 12 bottles of wine. I might be in for this one…

Edit: WAIT MY MISTAKE It’s 160 for the 12 bottles, plus paying shipping 4 times. This could be a great savings to someone who was considering trying some of these from rolling stone magazine.

So where’s the freakin’ balsamic already, Woot?

Well this makes my first wine.woot order with the wifes credit card!

Did get an 8 bottle wine chiller for black friday, I think this will fill it

the winemaking team brings some serious cred…

On an actual product-related note, whenever I see texicaliali’s name I think of the Grateful Dead song Mexicali Blues.

Where is the Woodstock Chardonnay???

Wow! You had me right up until you brought The Police into the matter… They truly inhale gulping-ly…

can you elaborate?