WineSmith Arroyo Seco Pinot Gris (4)

WineSmith Arroyo Seco Pinot Gris 4-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
$59.99 $140.00 57% off List Price
2014 WineSmith Pinot Gris, Arroyo Seco, Meador Estate Vineyard

Thank you Clark and your wonderful team. Happy Holiday to all of you.

Cellartracker has only one review for this wine. A familiar face. As it were. Here’s the forum from when it was sold here in Sept.

Looking at Ron’s CT notes, I’m inclined to buy this time.

Lighten up Francis…
Ho ho ho

Reading over those prior forum comments, I remember being sorely tempted but feeling clobbered by other wine.woot purchases. I see that I wasn’t alone in this. But that was before we heard the bad news about w.w., and I can’t let it go by this time.

Clark, thanks for everything.

Fantastic to see this going to quickly! I always like seeing WineSmith offerings.

I second the THANK YOU to Clark from us Wooters!!! We will miss you !

I really liked this wine. molarchae had liked it more than any other pinot gris she’s had. Unfortunately still she didn’t like it enough to sanction a purchase. I hope the rest of you enjoy this, it’s a great wine.

I did. Another nice bottle from Clark.

Minimal notes; apologies.

You guys piqued my interest. I really want to try the Faux Chablis, missed it last time.

This juice is excellent and a real bargain at this price!

Last wooter to woot: bolligra

I recall Clark described this as ‘oily’ at the last sale. I thought it was an odd description…that is, until I tried it. It seems to coat your palate and has a unique taste profile.

You can always call the winery direct and Sandra will be happy to help out. 707-332-0056

I am surprised to find CS not popping in for this offering. I do appreciate his substantive descriptions and participation. He and PW (and many others, Wooters and WD inclusive) made this a great - though expensive - ride.

Of course…watch wine woot all day of the woot off to try to score more delicious wine from Clark and it comes up when I’m driving home from work and is gone when I get in the house to check. Alas, have to go direct.

Thanks for all the delicious wine Clark. Happy Holidays and thanks so much joy you’ve. Brought our palates over this and previous years!