WineSmith Cabernet Franc Re-Mix (3)

WineSmith Lake County Cabernet Franc 3-Pack Re-Mix
$64.99 $138.00 53% off List Price
2007 WineSmith Cabernet Franc, Lake County

Holy crap! What a day–this is awesome!

If we get this one to sell out, too, can we buy some of the '06 as well!?

Clark Smith, insta-buy.

2 of these makes a case for the day! I hope they can be boxed and shipped together?

Clark, any notes/comparisons between the 2007 and 2008?

Wow, missed the previous but got in on this one. Thanks Clark!

Is this one still in its youth?

The w00t price on these is less than what i paid for it on futures. So i guess i need some more. In for 1. Welcome back Clark.

You said it! An embarrassment of riches!

Now let me pick some of this up, while it’s still here.

Edit: what’s up, is this sold out as well? Nothing’s bouncing, so I wouldn’t think so.

Every time I hit the brown “buy” button, it tells me the secure connection failed. And that #@(%(%$ app is of no use, clicking the wine bottle icon only brings up 3 of the current wine.woot items, and this ain’t one of them.

Edit # 2: I don’t know if it’s something new with my office’s Internet policy, but I can’t get in through my work computer, as I usually do. So I used my phone (the browser, not the official Woot app), and all’s right with the world.

No problem here and orders seem to be going through. Try a different browser or device?

Let me know.

Just worked for me. In again! :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike?

This was on Firefox, I’ll see what happens with Chrome.

Edit: Same result with Chrome, I call shenanigans on the part of our IT people. Boo, hiss! I get essentially the same message:

In any case, Chrome on my phone was fine.

So my other kvetch, TT, why doesn’t the wine show up anymore on the Woot app for Android? I load the app, it opens on the “Today Only” tab as usual, only the wine is missing! Where did it go? It’s a mystery!

And if I go to the “Browse” tab, and select the wine icon, I see only 3 of the several items currently available on Wine.woot, and none of them the Clark Smith. What use is the app if it doesn’t inform me of the primary thing I’m interested in every day? What are the powers that be saying about this?

RE Android App
Send feedback via the app. They’re watching that closely. I’ll ping them from this end too.

UPDATE: They’re looking into it. ETA for fix 2-3 hrs.

Sure. This was my first vintage working with Diamond Ridge, and I didn’t yet realize that if I picked at normal ripeness and vinified as I had other CFs, the resulting wine would have a very flat aging trajectory and would require many years in barrel to be ready to release. The 2008 I let mature a little more so I could bottle it after 61 months in neutral cooperage, while this wine required 91 months.

All my barrels are over 20 years old, so these are not oaky wines. The barrels give the wine time and slow oxygenation, which gives the palate a silkiness and develops tertiary aromatic nuances.

I’d say these two wines are now in about the same stage of development, still with lots of youthful fruit and mineral energy. They have identical terroir expression: white cherry, rosemary, and strong mineral energy in the finish.

But the 2007 has some extra fat and dimensionality that’s hard to define: subliminal hints of Romano, truffle and musk. Maybe a trace of that rancio character you get in old tawny port. It’s very sexy. The 2008 will get there, but now is a more straightforward varietal expression.

Repeating my thoughts from the 2008 discussion, the way a wine tastes is strongly influenced by the environment in which it is enjoyed.

Perhaps the best wine and music combination I’ve encountered is to savor a big Riedel glassful of this Cabernet Franc with Bruce Springsteen’s Jungleland blaring out at high volume in the dark with something on fire.

Hmm…have 4 of these coming from the futures sale, so what to do, what to do…

Wow! Missed the 2008 and 2007 pops up??? It’s a great day indeed!!!

Me too, in for six more!

ios app does the same thing btw. Just sent feedback via the app.

Clark, I’m a little slow, and didn’t quite understand what is meant by the last sentence above. Are you saying the 2008 is more drinkable now than the 2007, or?..