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WineSmith Cellars

WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
$59.99 $̶1̶0̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2005 WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

WineSmith “2nd Fiddle” Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶0̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2005 WineSmith “2nd Fiddle” Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir

WineSmith Double Dare Offer 4-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶3̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 47% off List Price
2003 WineSmith Napa Valley Chardonnay, Student Vineyard Napa Valley College
2004 WineSmith Napa Valley Faux Chablis, Student Vineyard, Napa Valley College

WineSmith Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶3̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 47% off List Price
2006 Winesmith Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi, Mokelumne River

WineSmith Postmodern Winemaking Sampler Case
$199.99 $̶4̶4̶4̶.̶0̶0̶ 55% off List Price
2005 WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
2005 WineSmith “2nd Fiddle” Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir
2006 WineSmith Cabernet Franc, Sonoma County
2003 WineSmith Napa Valley Chardonnay, Student Vineyard Napa Valley College
2004 WineSmith Napa Valley Faux Chablis, Student Vineyard, Napa Valley College
2009 PennyFarthing Chardonnay
2 2007 PennyFarthing Barbera
2 PennyFarthing NV Dry Rosé
2 2007 PennyFarthing Pinot Noir, North Coast

Well that’s disappointing. I can actually buy the sampler case directly from Clark for $3 cheaper than here at woot, and that is after applying an attrocious $57 for shipping costs. I probably would not be in anyway due to space and financial constraints, but no deal here at all. And the “Retail” price is clearly not $444…

I’m not seeing that.

I’m getting $256.99 (Woot) vs $271.43 (WineSmith), shipped.

Of course, with Texas taxes, it comes to $273.05 (Woot) vs $295.19 (WineSmith), shipped.

It was not showing tax the first time I tried it, so I thought it was somehow built into the price.

Regardless, $22 savings is not even 10% (especially considering the $57 shipping charge, which I would find very hard to believe is the actual cost of shipping). This is being advertised as a 44% savings, which just is not true.

Don’t get wrong, still a great deal on what I would imagine are some pretty stellar wines, but advertise it for what it is, an 8% discount on top of an already solid case discount from Clark.

Has anyone had the Crucible cab?

I have had Clark’s wines before but need some convincing to drop $70 on an unknown wine.

RPM???(An endorsement from you could make all the difference!!)

Anyone had the pinot?

Several of these should have been tried by Wooters at both the Cleveland gathering and the Cali BBQ gathering that Clark held. I know the Crucible and Cab Franc were tasted at the Cleveland one.

Hi everybody. It’s unfortunate to start discussion wrangling about price, but here’s what I see. The regular retail for this package is $335.00 plus tax and shipping, which of course vary. If I apply the Santa Rosa sales tax of 8.75% and the $57 UPS quoted North316, that’s $421.31, so the shipped woot price of $273.05 is a little over 35% off.

It’s true that I have a similar deal on my site, not quite as good as the woot. I’m not here for an adversarial relationship with you guys, and I hope you are beginning to trust my wine quality by now.

There’s been interest from you for me to run these other wines on woot. We put together the sampler in order to illustrate a variety of the principles in my book, Postmodern Winemaking, just out from UC Press.

I hope some of the wooters that were present in Cleveland and at my place in Santa Rosa will chime in about these wines. Though a tiny production, Crucible is not exactly unknown in wine circles, having been made off the incredible Napa Valley College fruit and awarded a Platinum two years running from the Critics Challenge. Although enormous in its tannin dimensions, it’s not a typical Napa bruiser, and has remarkably refined, Pauillac-like balance and grace. Steve Krebs, Dean of Viticulture and Winery Technology at NVC, recently had this to say:

“Thank you as well for the wine tasting. These sessions are always informative. The Faux Chablis wines are really hanging in there in a most-interesting way and that is a great story in itself. We polished off the remainder of the 2002 on Saturday. It was lemony and complex and refreshing, all at once.

The true revelation is the 2005 Crucible. This afternoon, we uncorked the nearly-full bottle you had poured from on Friday, and actually I am totally stunned and nearly speechless in awe of this wine. It is certainly among the very best California Cabernet Sauvignons I have ever tasted! It is quite a tremendous accomplishment–congratulations! The closest comparison I can conjure is that it reminds me of a tasting of a flight of all of the 2005 (I think) first growth Bordeaux that I participated in a few years ago. Those wines had been provided to NVC upon release by K&L Wine Merchants down in Redwood City. With those wines, you felt like getting down on one knee and bowing your head in reverence and I’m getting the same sense with this one. Wow! I should think I’ll need to get more of this for long term cellaring, as well as some of the '06 and '07 once those have been bottled.”

Hey Clark,
Wondering about the Pinot. I’m kind of on the picky side wrt my Pinots, so do you have some comparisons? iirc you were also on the side of higher pH but structure and longevity through other means. Normaly a pH of nearly 3.8 would scare me away from a Pinot as too “new world” in style. I prefer the mushroomy, forest floor, cherry sort of flavour profile rather than the big fruity style.

Good question. The whole point of making this wine was to show what a Fiddlestix can do in a reserved, Cotes de Beaune styule. The wine in exceedingly delicate and ethereal with 13.8% alcohol. Concerning pH, read Winemaking At Hiogh pH in the Winemaking Fundamentals section of Red wines are always properly made at pH 3.7-3.85. Anyhow, the wine is certainly not overripe, and although delicate, has great depth and is just beginning to open up at eight years of age, developing truffle and leaf duff nuances to its hybiscus florals and spicy cherry aromas.

Clark; What is the drinking window on the 05 Crucible?

Hi Clark,

Thanks for showing up and providing thoughtful comments.(per usual)

Could you compare/contrast the Crucible to your Lodi Cabernet offered here?


We tasted 3 of the wines that make up the mixed case at the Cleveland gathering. My only notes are of the mental variety so apologies for some lack of detail.

NV PennyFarthing Dry Rosé
Crisp and refreshing Rosé with cherry/strawberry notes. We kicked off the party with this one and it was a big hit. Perfect for sipping outside on a nice sunny day.

2003 WineSmith Napa Valley Chardonnay, Student Vineyard
A fairly complex “faux Chablis” that is aging beautifully and is in a really good place right now. According to Clark, it just reached its prime this year and the '04 will be best starting in '14.

This wine is very well integrated. While the oak and malolactic treatment are both noticeable, neither stand out - instead blending seamlessly into the overall flavor profile. Creamy lemon palate on the entry turns into more of a Meyer’s lemon finish with good acidity and minerality.

2005 WineSmith “Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
This is a somewhat restrained Old World style Cab. Definitely not a typical big, bold Napa Cab. The nose is almost delicate, with black cherry and floral notes (violets?). Complex palate of red and black fruits, with some vanilla oak in the background and grippy tannins on the long finish. This wine is still evolving and should continue to drink well for another decade at least. If the Crucible was not part of the mixed case (which is already in my shopping cart) I would definitely go in on it at $60.

Haven’t tried the Cab Franc but we did get to sample a pre-release Cab Franc of Clark’s that everyone raved about and I have also tasted Clark’s Diamond Ridge Cab Franc and found that to be delicious with about an hour decant.

I’m excited to try the Second Fiddle PN, as I’ve heard wonderful things about Kathy Joseph’s Fiddlehead Pinots and am interested to see what Clark has done with her grapes.

I am also looking forward to trying the PennyFarthing Barbera. bsevern has had nice things to say about that one from the BBQ event at Clark’s place and has already purchased some individual bottles of it. Hopefully he will pop in with some notes on that one.

Finally, I am going in blind on the 2006 WineSmith Lodi Cab offer along with the mixed case. 2006 has been called a “sleeper” vintage. Everyone raved about the 2005 and 2007 vintages while 2006 got the middle-child treatment but now seems to be coming into its own with some age-worthy wines. It will be fun to sample them 2-3 years apart to see how they develop.

Clark, it’s great to see you back on woot with these offers! Any thoughts on the aging possibilities for your Lodi Cab?

Whoa! Just went to checkout and the sampler case price dropped to $199.99! That dropped my total order down to $295 with tax & shipping for the mixed case + 3 Lodi Cabs. :slight_smile:

Getting tougher to stay on this fence…

Any info on the Lodi Cab Clark??

CT Links
I’ve included the relative base price per bottle next to the link, for CT valuation purposes, using the 40% case discount percentage (before taxes/shipping). Add your own tax and shipping to the stated amount to come up with your total cost per bottle.

Mixed case
2005 WineSmith Crucible Cab $60

2005 WineSmith 2nd Fiddle Pinot Noir $30

2006 WineSmith Cab Franc, Sonoma County $18

2003 WineSmith Chardonnay, Student Vineyard $18

2004 WineSmith Chardonnay “Faux Chablis” $18

2009 PennyFarthing Chardonnay $9

2007 PennyFarthing Barbera $9 (x2)

NV PennyFarthing Dry Rosé $6 (x2)

2007 PennyFarthing Pinot Noir $9 (x2)

Lodi Cab
2006 WineSmith Cab Sauv, Lodi

I have tasted all the wines on this offer with the exception of the Lodi Cab. I liked them all enough that I have purchased everything except the Crucible (due to price point and not a lack of straight up loving it) and the lodi Cab (due to never trying it)

Clark is making really fantastic wine, and I encourage folks to do the sampler and get a feel for the style that he is aiming for. I am stocked up on the cab franc, penny pinot, penny barbera, chardonnay, and his other diamond ridge wines.

Frankly I don’t think that you will be disappointed with a single wine.

The crucible is simply fantastic, but not in a bombastic Napa Cab sort of way. Stylistically it is more restrained and subtle. It is understandably a leap at the $100 price point for most, and I think Clark understands that as well. Appreciate him dropping the price so that we can have a lower entry point on it. Bsevern might have more notes on the Cabernet, because he drinks a lot more cab than I do.

The Fiddlestix Pinot is very good. I haven’t yet popped the bottle I purchased a while back, but did try this again last week. Strong cherry core, great acid and balance. Very nuanced with many layers going on. Really wish I had taken better notes at Clarks… but we were having so much fun!

2006 Cab Franc:
No detailed notes. This wine benefits greatly from a nice long decant, which shows it has tons of life left. Good balance and structure. Really nice fruit, plum and dark cherry. Hints of rosemary and sage frame the palate and give it depth (read, no bell pepper on this). Like all winesmith wines, there is mineral depth on this one that really linger on the finish. Great wine.

2007 Winesmith Penny Farthing Pinot:
Nose of sour cherry with a hint of forest floor and mushroom funk. Palate is medium weight with sour cherry, but not pushing through to tart. Definitely leans more old world in terms of the fruit and structure. Short finish, but very impressible wine at this price point.

NV Penny Farthing Rose:
I preferred this wine after it had been open overnight and allowed to warm to just below room temp. Good qpr, decent sipper on the patio or with some bbq.

2003 Winesmith Chardonnay:
No detailed notes. Great acidity and minerality. Light straw in color and medium legs. Round mouthfeel and some heft on the mid palate. Lemon on the nose and palate. Medium plus finish with an unusually smooth finish given the acidity. Very much enjoyed this bottle and glad I have 3 more bottles. Still has the structure to sit a couple more years.

The price drop on the mixed case makes it almost impossible to pass on. If I hadn’t gone in for 2 on the Crucible earlier, I’d definitely bite.

Maybe if it’s not sold out in two days…

Went to WineSmith’s BBQ and wine tasting in Santa Rosa a few weekends ago, and it was quite an interesting experience!

We tried all of the wines in the case sample, and they were all excellent. The PennyFarthing wines have a killer QPR, solid wines, old world styled, very enjoyable.

The Chards are nicely aged, definitely not butter bombastic new world style, more Burgundian styled, and are aging quite well.

The Crucible cab is spectacular, fantastically balanced, beautiful pure fruit, just a wonderful wine that will go for many, many more years.

The Cab Franc, the Cab Franc, yes the Cab Franc! OK, seriously this is the real deal, once it opens up, this is just singing away, really good juice.

Now my favorite has to be the Fiddlestix Pinot!! At dinner I commented that I had never had a bad bottle of Pinot from this vineyard, Clark didn’t exactly agree, but we are talking about totally different styles of wine making, old world vs new world, and this is definitely old world crafted Pinot Noir that’s simply wonderful.

Thanks again Clark and Mike for your generous hospitality, it was an evening of great wine, song, education, and food!

I have big news.

Basically, I screwed up. The Postmodern Sampler was to include a signed copy of my book, Postmodern Winemaking, and was priced as such. Problem is, we are unexpectedly between printings for the book, and I had to pull it from the offer because I don’t have books until September.

But forgot to correct the price. Thanks to everyone who complained, quite rightly, about the price. We have now re-priced the Sampler at $199.99, and what’s more, when the book does come out, I’ll honor Amazon’s price for a signed copy to anyone who buys the sampler or any other offering in this Woot-Plus.

How’s that?