WineSmith Faux Chablis (3)

Wow, no comments yet. This is a really great wine! My wife and I do not like most whites and especially chardonnay. This is NOT a typical Cali chard. We like to call this a white wine for red wine drinkers. It surprises everyone who typically does not like white wine when we pour it for them. Definitely recommend an Ah-So as some of the corks from this and the '04 are deteriorating. We have opened 4 of the '05 and 3 of the '04 and none have been corked or oxidized. If you like wine, this offer is worth a try! Clark is a genius when it comes to grapes!

I didn’t even realize it was for sale! I guess I didn’t linger on today’s new crop of sales.

Just popped one tonight to give some current notes.

Took out of the wine fridge (~54F) and put in the refrigerator for about an hour. Let me tell you, that is far too cold to serve.

I’m used to the buttery, oaky, blown out Chards where the only way i can drink them is to chill, chill, chill.

As the bottle warmed, it blossomed with strong lemon peel and grapefruit aromas.

I chased the it all the way to room temperature, and i think SLIGHTLY chilled would be best. I have one more bottle of '05 and plan on serving straight out of the wine fridge.

Excellent wine with no hints that it’s 11 years old outside of the dark golden straw color.

I used the knife on my waiters friend to cut off the top of the wax, then an Ah-So to pull the cork. I didn’t want to chance it!

This is a great deal on a great wine. I’m going to have to strongly considering buying another set.

In for a set! I have an ah-so around here somewhere…

I think I’ll pop a bottle of this during the week and see if I ought to get more. I suspect I ought to!

We made six vintages 2001 through 2006, all the same way. This wine is an experiment in minerality, by which I mean an energetic finish similar to acidity which seems to impart great longevity. You get it on limestone, schist and decomposed granite soils, but here we just fostered a living soil with a healthy mychorrhizal fungi population.

Picked fully ripe with berries at the yellow stage. This boosted the brix out of the Chablis range, around 14.8%, so I reduced the alcohol to 12.9 with a reverse osmosis procedure I invented and patented. No malolactic. The only oak it saw was untoasted Allier chips in the fermenter. Stirred lees 8 months.

This wine loves half-shell oysters, sushi and crab.

[youtube=dRwtTTIG6tg]Here’s a video about the 2004.[/youtube]

This is an amazing wine. There aren’t many “California Chardonnays” that age as long and graceful as Clark’s Faux Chablis.

Also, for those of you new to woot, if you don’t see your state listed contact us directly and we will get you some!

Woo Hoo Woot! So happy to see Clark’s 2005 Faux Chablis available again. We recently corked a bottle with friends and they were blown away how good this was. Agree this is best served cool but not too cold. I’m in for one for sure but something tells me I’ll be back for another one before the deal expires on 10/24. Thank you Clark and Woot!

I have a 8 bottles of this left from the case I bought and was wondering on the continued cellaring of this remarkable Chablis? Thank you Clark for all of your wines and your expertise on bringing things to the table by experimentation that others would’ve never thought of. Just to add, I have a 365 bottle cellar that is temperature controlled at 56 degrees

A very good question. I do feel that the 2003 and 2004 are still improving. However, I have some concerns on this one due to the darkened color and somewhat edgier tannins, which might go either way. We really are in unknown territory here. If it were my eight bottles, I’d want to keep a couple at least to see what will happen. It might be fun to try one every year, out three or four years.

As planned, I opened a bottle of this tonight. Right on opening it was alive, interesting, complex, and all sorts of good. After being open a while, and after warming up somewhat, it gained a lot of darker golden colour and its liveliness declined. I’ve got a little bit in the fridge for tonight, wondering if the additional air will help or hurt.

Clark…is this normal with this wine? I tend to think of your wines as coming even more alive with oxygen exposure.

My experiments with breathing these wines have never been very rewarding. I know what you mean about that sour tannic finish that emerges after a day or two. I have to admit to skepticism about color darkening in that time frame. As you say, the stuff is amazing upon opening, so I would advise just drinking it. If you want to save half, either use a Coravin or immediately decant into a 375 ml bottle and refrigerate.

I opened my 2005 Faux Chablis that I received in my mystery case a couple of days ago. It really does go well with nigiri.

My initial reaction to this wine may sound bizarre - it reminded me of the very first time I had white grape juice. This is not a bad thing - I was 8 years old and the grape juice in question was purchased at Silver Dollar City. It must have been special because I don’t think I have ever had white grape juice that tasted the same or as good since.

As the wine warmed, the nuance of lemon and some non descript pretty flowers became more apparent, with a very palate cleansing sensation from the chalky minerality. The finish was not unpleasant, but it did seem to have a hint of apple juice oxidation.

I had my wife try it. Her comment was that she liked it, but it was strange. She said that if she closed her eyes and took a sip she would think it was red wine, likely Syrah.

This wine is well worth $20 just for the conversation it will inspire. In fact, one may think of this as purchasing a conversation with the wine included.

Timing is everything! Last week I opened a bottle and my wife and I shared a glass or two with a smoked fish spread and brie. I really enjoy the wine, certainly not like most white wines we drink. My wife didn’t care for it- she fully understands she might not have a palate that enjoys aged white wines.

Is there any possibility the '06 will be offered here in the future?

Just wondering what people think about pairing this with the upcoming turkey dinner. I haven’t opened any of my 2005’s yet, and it’s been a while since I opened one of the other vintages.

IMO, this would be excellent on the Thanksgiving table. I like to have whites that can stand up to the rich food - which this will - along with a red or two as well. Personally, I like a Zin for red, though everyone always says PN.

Unfortunately the '06 got sold off to pay the rent. I kept a case or two so I can sell vertical six-packs, 2001 - 2006. Call us if you’re interested in one.

For me, Chianti Classico is the great turkey wine.

My six bottles just arrived and have been slightly chilled prior to decanting! It is new to all four of us rookie tasters and we think its grand and has spoilt us from all other store whites.