WineSmith Faux Chablis (3)

WineSmith Napa Valley Faux Chablis 3-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2005 WineSmith Napa Valley Faux Chablis, Student Vineyard, Napa Valley College

Finally a chance to try the WineSmith Faux Chablis I keep hearing so much about. Very excited to try it! It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

Last Wooter to Woot:lindalinda

Has anyone had any recent experience with the '05? How is it holding up?

I was so excited to see Faux Chablis I just ordered it without even looking at the vintage - OOPs! Partly cuz I’ve heard such great things about it in general (I generally only like unoaked Chardonnay)and to show my support for WineSmith and his willingness to experiment and try things not seen elsewhere!

These wines hold up amazingly well, as many wooters have attested over the years. Here’s a video about the 2004 vintage, which was made exactly the same way from the same vineyard.


This stuff is delicious. Not quite like anything I’ve ever had. We drank it just slightly chilled, per someone’s recommendation here. One of the wife’s favorites.

Clark, when I drank my final two bottles of '05 over the summer, that “mineral buzz” you speak about–and which was present in the numerous bottles of '04 and '05 I’ve enjoyed in the last few years–seems to have diminished quite a bit. I’m wondering if you (or anyone else) tried it recently, and if you could tell me how it was in that regard. It’s possible they were not ideally stored in my home (although my home stays relatively cool) since those bottles won’t fit in my wine fridge w/o tearing the label. Or maybe that’s just part of the aging process.

I really like that buzz!

Regardless, I’m in for another set.

We know nothing of the chemistry of minerality. In addition, after all this time under cork, an admitted source of variability as a natural product, we are seeing some differences in age among bottles. Since this shows up as a darkening of color, we have meticulously gone through our inventory, retaining bottles that show any darkening, in order to ensure your best experience.

I plan to use the retained examples as a base wine in an Amontillado-style sherry.

Thanks, Clark, looking forward to my order!