WineSmith Lake County Cabernet Franc (3)

Looks like a nice offer.

It’s good stuff…I had a bottle from the last wooting already. More accessible at such a young age compared to some of Clark’s other wines, but still with the interest and personality that he gets in this Cab Franc.

It would be nice if I ever got the last time this was on Woot. Still waiting.

Maybe it got cancelled due to a state issue? Email woot service…

If you didn’t receive an order from Woot, please contact customer service. They can help!

Just received my shipment from the last Woot! As the shipment was damaged!

Love all of Clark’s other varietals and cannot wait to try this out!

Can anyone compare this to the 2007 or 2008? Probably in for 3 either way, just curious how it stacks up if anyone has opened one yet.

Still waiting for them to help me. No matter how many phone calls I have made.

Mine was damaged, too. No help yet.

Have you guys tried contacting Clark directly? I had an issue with damaged wine once (Pedroncelli). It was, however, sent back before I ever got it. But, I called the winery and they were more than happy to replace my order when Woot said they were “out.” I thought - there is no way they’ve run out of wine. Those nonsensical Woot monkeys…

Mine never made it here last time either…got sent back because of damage is what I was told. Received full refund ( thank you very much) but was also told there was no more.

I second contacting Clark directly. While I’ve never had an issue with my wines, I order Wine Smith whenever I see it, and can vouch for their care and dedication to the customers. Just take a look at the comments section on past Wine Smith Woots. This is actually the first time I haven’t seen Clark or one of his reps chiming in!

Yea, it shouldn’t have to come to that.
Been a woot customer for a long time - well before they were bought by Amazon - and most of the time, things run smooth. When there is an issue, however, they are pretty bad in the customer service area. Shockingly so at times in that they should be pretty embarrassed.
I’ve gotten a lot of amazing deals here and I continue to shop, but with the caveat that at some point something will go sideways and it will be a long time till there’s a resolution of any kind.

I did, and Mike replied, but said its in Woot’s hands.

Finally got something, not what I ordered, with a note that if this didn’t satisfy, they would refund me.

Emailed woot at 10:00 am CT. Got an email saying the wine guy is not in at 1:15 pm CT.

I will always buy Clarks wines, but man do I have a sour taste right now.