WineSmith Lake County Cabernet Franc (3)

WineSmith Lake County Cabernet Franc 3-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
$64.99 $138.00 53% off List Price
2010 WineSmith Cabernet Franc, Lake County

Today we are offering, for our last hurrah, the most popular wine wooters have supported, i.e. WineSmith Cabernet Franc. I am particularly proud of this vintage. Generally my Cab Franc, by virtue of its blending with Merlot, resembles a St. Emillion, but this one is pure Graves, with a tobacco complexity I rarely get.

This Cab Franc makes the best wine-and-music combination I’m aware of: a big glassful, with Bruce Springsteen’s Jungleland at full volume, in the dark, with something on fire (candles, fireplace, bonfire…)!

You can find lots of reviews in previous offers from December 2016.

If you are in a State that cannot order from woot, please order direct from the winery. Just call our intrepid Office Queen, Sandra Johnson, at 707-332-0056 between 9AM and 4PM Pacific time. Various advantages accrue to doing business with us directly.

Last hurrah? There’s a whole additional month! Also, we just had a bottle of the 2007 RRV Pinot so that we knew whether we needed more when it showed up again :tongue:

Last hurrah… so sad. Thanks for all the wonderful wines you have offered here.
In for 2!

Well, I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning…

I had a bottle of this the other night, and coincidentally Jungleland played on my pandora while I was drinking it. I must say it was quite appropriate. Soulful, vibrant, uplifting and dramatic.

Thank you for all the wonderful wines. Your phone number is on speed dial. So I’ll be checking in from time to time to see what you are up to and to empty my wallet. Again, thank you so much not only for the wines but for all the wonderful lessons from your contributions.

Not saying WineSmith’s hurrah on woot. As you say, much can happen in a month. And I am confident that WineDavid will keep us connected somehow. If not, there’s always winery-direct.

But this is definitely the last time you’ll see this particular, ever popular wine on woot, so dig in.

Clark, I love your wines. But WD is killing us with this Woot-off. Maybe after a nights sleep, I’ll come to my senses and call the office for shipping to a non-Woot state.

I also had a bottle of this at Thanksgiving! Paired so well with the food and enough soul to drink without. Rich, dry, and layered. Full bodied and wonderful mouth feel.

I do think this wine style is something I’m uniquely good at. Part of the secret is simply realizing that good Cab Franc requires, besides a lot of understanding care in the vineyard, also a lot of time in the cellar. Most wineries can’t afford the latter. How many other 2010 CFs are current releases?

Cab Franc is my personal favorite style and this is indeed an outstanding example.

This is as much of a can’t miss for me as any wine on Woot.

We had a 2007 RRV Pinot the other day as well, and know we need more. Happy to hear that this isn’t Clark’s last time on Woot, just this particular wine.

Thankfully, I just bought the Grenache/cab franc offer, so I have some of this stashed away.

Thanks, Clark!

PS, this is a crazy Wootoff! Haven’t even made it to December, and the hits just keep coming. Then there’s the Wellington port on the main page…

Hi Clark. Go Sandcrabs!

Although it says last wooter to woot was Allieroon an hour ago, that’s fake news!! Last wooter to woot grashelm about 5 minutes ago! Woohoo!!!

'Cause things go better with Cab Franc!

Clark, I was a fan of cab franc from my first trip to Traverse City, MI. Your 2007/2008 cab franc was my first ever purchase on Woot. I have been a fan of yours ever since. I have made additional purchases through Sandra over the last few years. If this is the last of your wine on Woot, I’m glad I was a part of it.
Thank you!

Looking in my cellar, I see that I have your cab francs from 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. How did I miss 2009? Did you not make one?