WineSmith Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

I bought these a few months ago, but haven’t tried them yet. It’s $5 cheaper this time around.

Here’s a link to the discussion from the last time around, for your reading pleasure.

WineSmith Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack $64.99
2006 WineSmith Cabernet Sauvignon
CT link above

How about a Lodi Cab?

This is a serious Cab for serious Cab drinkers. Fred tested, RPM approved.

This is good stuff I’m in for one even with my SIWBM.

Hopefully in for one, but shipping still shows as $5… no $7 or $10 summer shipping options. It’s 100 degrees here already… not willing to chance it. Unless I’m missing something? Always a possibility.

now your talking been waiting all day for a MUST buy

Last Wooter to Woot:fredrinaldi

Summer shipping isn’t in technically in effect yet (i.e. you’re not getting charged for it).

Buy with confidence that temps will be considered by the shipping team. If there are any issues that do occur during shipping you will either get a replacement or a refund.

Yes, and I saw mill’s name up there just now. Wooters of renown are coming out for this one!

Given my overstock I can’t justify this one. I still want to taste it though!
If the Cab Franc comes, however, I’m in. Really like the way Clark handles CF.

All in!

I want this… Like the other wines I have tried… don’t know if I can justify the purchase… someone help me… please :wink:

If this keeps up I’m going to be spending too much. Best part is the everything so far has been in liquid form!

Thanks Trifecta - order placed

Must buy for Fred = must buy for everyone! No justification needed. :slight_smile:

By “help,” do you mean enable? Or actually help? :tongue:

I’m in for a set

Almost missed this, work.
Checked CT and found I have eight.
Saved some $$$.

enable… of course… but … I waited too long!! I missed it…

Me too, dammit! And I only have two left in the cellar.

For those that bought, or for the next time this comes up, one of my favorites.