WineSmith Mixed Grenache (2)

WineSmith Mixed Grenache 2-Pack
Sold by: WineSmith Cellars (GrapeCraft)
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2014 WineSmith Grenache, Santa Cruz Mountains, Bates Ranch
2014 WineSmith Sparkling Grenache Blanc de Noirs, Santa Cruz Mountains

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On the occasion of my recent wedding to RuthE Wells, I released this new project. A Santa Cruz Mountain 2014 Red Grenache, which was poured during the ceremony, and its twin sister, from the same vineyard on the same day, a 2014 Sparkling Grenache which starred at the reception following the ceremony.

Both wines exhibit the aromatic complexity, minerality and depth that define the Santa Cruz Mountains region. The varietal strawberry aromas are just one part of the profound terroir expression these two vinification expressions share, and I recommend serving them in the same holiday meal.

Although we employed the classic methode champenoise, we really have invented a uniquely Californian manifestation. Because in California our moderate acidity does not behoove us to sweeten our sparkling wines, I chose to make this a Brut Zero style without dosage. This allows access to its native palate richness and prolongs the finish, which also contains the mineral energy typical of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We only made 75 cases of the Sparkler, so it won’t last long.

Good enough for my wedding and your holiday table.

WD, TT, Clark,

Any chance this could ship to Pennsylvania?

Wow…lots of inflation on Clark’s website! Glad to know the wines are getting the attention needed to sustain the new pricing structure!

I’m in, but waiting on Ron’s et al report to figure out how many sets.

We can ship almost anywhere. You’ll need to call Sandra at the winery, 9AM-5PM Pacific Time at 707-332-5552.

A sparkler by Clark? Is it possible to say no?!?!


molarchae and I received the still Grenache the other day and held it until last night. Full disclosure - we bought 3 bottles of the still Grenache on futures in late 2015 (at $25/bottle before discounts) and already drank 2 of 3. We greatly enjoyed both of them. Now on to this bottle!

On opening the colour was a nice purplish-red. Rim fades to clear. Nose is surprisingly earthy, smells almost like a Pinot Noir initially. Otherwise there’s some mint/eucalyptus as well, along with something a little savoury that I can’t quite place, maybe something like parmesan? First sip is predominantly wild strawberries, far less syrupy than the first bottle of this I had a couple years ago. Some bitter cherry and rosemary as well. Palate is medium weight, a bit of glycerine to round out the mouth feel. Finish is long and turns tart at the end after going through some additional suggestions of fruit and earth and herb. All in all, this is yummy.

With air, some of the syrupy nature of the fruit I remembered from earlier bottles reappeared. Additional complexities came out as well with more waves of earth and herb coming to the party. The wine went well with our burgers.

This is more akin to a Northern California Pinot Noir with earth and herbs than the Grenache-based wines of the Southern Rhone like Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which are often heavy and full of “garrigue”. All in all, I think that’s a good thing.

Wish I had more of the still Grenache at $17+/bottle, but at $25 for that it’s still a fair price. And with the sparkling version here as well, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s true, now that we are down to a couple cases of various Crucible vintages, we’ve taken the prices up in line with comparable Napa Cabernets.

In my defense, I did make these available to alle ye wooters at ridiculously low prices for years.

Our main lines are not affected; we haven’t raised their prices in many vintages.


2014 WineSmith Sparkling Grenache, Blanc de Noirs Brut Zero, SCM

While not exactly the “Golden Ticket”, it works much the same.
Arrived a few days ago and went into the fridge, waiting for the day it’s cork would be set free, and today was the day.

I’m finally coming to the realization just how terrible I am at doing a proper tasting and identifying what I’m consuming, especially with bubbles.

While I’ve not a lot of experience with bubbly, I do enjoy my Gruet, and IH for more special occasions.,
So this is a Grenache sparkler, first one I, and all of the mixed lot of collected tasters have experienced.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect. Included in the group were some experienced paletes and frequent drinkers. Mixed red and white preferences, male and female, and even a true Frenchman.

Poured in white glasses at domestic fridge temps this is pale in color with restrained larger bubbles and initially a rather stingy nose of fruit and flowers, perhaps it was a bit too cool.

Peach, melon and a bit of strawberry were all mentioned on nose and palate, along with a touch of wood, while I mostly just got fresh and crisp.
This didn’t seem Brut to any, but rather Demi-Sec; perhaps due entirely to the fruit and flowers, as dosage isn’t mentioned on the label I suspect none. A medium-long finish I’m still trying to understand. A bit of yeast; but I really could have used more. It is crisp and has a pleasing minerality and acid balance that makes it entirely too easy to drink on it’s own, for all except the French guy, but what do they know about Cal sparklers…

Later at home this paired well with a broth based veggie and sausage soup, followed by some lime shrimp.

This really is an easy drinker, and the bottle went empty entirely too soon and I found myself wanting additional. A pleasing 12.5% listed AbV.

Thanks Clark!

Yup, you certainly did! And the constant struggle to keep storage requirements somewhat sane plus costs somewhat tame lead to annoying choices in retrospect.

That reminds me, though, I need to get in touch with you to get a couple orders from old woots into your system. Need/want more 2007 RRV PN, unless you’re going to offer it here again before the end of the year.

You guessed right. Rich and sweet as it appears, there is no dosage. Brut Zero.

We have decided to honor all past woot offers direct from the winery on the same terms for which we still have stock. You can also assort these with other wines for 20% off any additions plus free shipping, or build to 12 bottles for 36% off.

I must acknowledge that both Klez and Ron have turned in exceptionally well stated reviews of these wines that capture their nature well. The red could easily be mistaken for an SCM Pinot Noir - yet one more demonstration that terroir trumps varietal character every time. And the Sparkling Grenache’s melon/strawberry freshness balanced against its dense richness and energetic finish make it one of the most intriguing and drinkable bubblies around, the main problem being its tendency to disappear very quickly.

Numerous lab rat reports for the still Grenache when it was offered as a 3 pack in August.


Both above reviews are right on. Just adding that this is something different than your typical Cal sparkler. A lot of minerality, and the bubbly was soft and gentle - very refined. Thanks Clark for another unique and enjoyable wine.

PM for you

Noticed that my 2010 Cab Franc does list a “Drinking Window” Date". Can you help me out? Also, what’s the drinking window on this offering? Thanks

Highly confused re: the sparkler. No dosage but rjquillin described it as “demi-sec”?! What am I missing here?