WineSmith Mixed Reds (4)

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You want these!

And the book is excellent!
I’ve read it completely at least twice and sections more than that.
I’m a slow learner…

WineSmith Mixed Red 4-Pack
(Your Choice: With or Without Clark Smith’s “Postmodern Winemaking”)
Sold by: WineSmith Cellars (GrapeCraft)
$89.99 $180.00 50% off List Price ($109.99 with book)
2014 WineSmith Grenache, Santa Cruz Mountains, Bates Ranch
2010 WineSmith Cabernet Franc, Lake County
2007 WineSmith Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
2014 WineSmith Saint Laurent, Ricci Vineyard, Carneros

In Postmodern Winemaking, I’m attempting to heal the division that exists between winemakers and wine lovers by providing a window on our world.

I also want to help my colleagues unlearn some of our cherished working principles from enology classes at the University by delving into the current mysteries that confound modern scientific winemaking. These include:

  1. Minerality
  2. Soulful Resonance
  3. Aromatic Integration
  4. Macromolecular Structure
  5. Enological Oxygen
  6. Graceful longevity
  7. Low alcohol
  8. Proper Ripeness
  9. Living Soil.

Rather than just chatting about this stuff in books and online, it’s essential to actually experience them by tasting wines that are examples.

Using the numbers above, here’s what exemplifies what:

WineSmith Diamond Ridge Vineyards 2010 CF – SRP $40, one of my best Cab Francs ever, aged six years in neutral oak. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8.

2014 SCM Grenache – SRP $35, delicate yet intensely minerally, just at the beginning of its aging cycle and requiring breathing, it combines delicacy with profundity and will develop over many years. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

2014 Carneros St. Laurent – SRP $35. This heartier descendant of Pinot Noir widely planted in Austria and the principal red grape of the Czech Republic, which ripens at very low brix, has dense, silky tannins and intriguing aromatics. 3, 4, 7, 8, 9

2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir – SRP $50, with characteristic black cherry aromas and a great deal of aromatic development due to eight years in neutral oak, yet still quite fresh. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9

I hope you will feel free to ask me questions about these areas.

Had a 2006 Lodi - Mokelumne River Cab Sauv over the weekend. Delicious.

Another one that doesn’t ship to CT.

Nice to see you back here Clark!
I’ve had and enjoyed all these wines - how can one figure out the independent effects of each of these 9 factors?

Also, how does reductive strength promote aging? Is it simply that it protects from oxidization long enough for the non-oxidative flavour/aromatic processes to go on?

No problem. We are happy to ship to you direct from the winery. Just give Sandra a call at 707-332-0056 between 9AM and 4PM Pacific time.

That’s pretty much the way I look at it. Wines that can vigorously consume oxygen tend to be closed in aromas in youth and sometimes even temporarily produce a little sulfide aroma. The Grenache is such a wine, and benefits from breathing. I anticipate that it has decades ahead of it.

This assessment can be a little tricky, for not all wines that have H2S are long aging. I invented an oxygen consumption analysis to test for this that we call O2 Appetite.

In the Grenache, the source of reductive strength (or you could call it anti-oxidative vigor) is not tannin, which is relatively light, but the minerality characteristic of Santa Cruz Mountains wines grown on living calcareous soils.

Virginia as well? I know we have 3rd party alcohol sale laws, but if it’s direct that should work. Right?

I will be calling as well! Far to often I see highly regarded wines pop up but I can never try them because they cannot ship to CT. Glad to hear you will!

They’ll even ship to South Dakota! Which means I don’t have a good excuse to not buy. At this price, I just can’t help myself.

VA is particularly difficult. I hope you live near a neighboring state!

Yes, Virginia – there is a Santa Claus. Wanna climb up on my lap?

For a good time, call Sandra at 707-332-0056. We can handle almost every U.S. State.

WineSmith… Sandra’s number is 707-332-0056. She is on my speed dial.

Ha, ha! Foiled again!

Dang it, Clark. As if my bruised shins in 7th grade weren’t enough, now you have to extort more of my hard earned money!

Love your wines! Tonight I am finishing a bottle of Wine Smith 2004 Faux Chablis. Wow!!!

edit. I just got a text from my friend (who also loves your wines) asking me to order this for her!

That 2007 Pinot Noir may be the best bottle I have ever purchased on Woot. I’m not even that much of a PN guy, but it’s a stunner.