WineSmith Planet Pluto Meritage (4)

Yes, one of the major components, the Peterson Cab, came in at 25.4 brix and resulted in 14.8% alcohol, so I used an RO to reduce the alcohol initially to 13.2% to promote microbial equilibrium, then added back some of the hig proof just before bottling to a “sweet spot” at 13.5%.

I don’t find a decanter necessary at this stage. Also, a benefit of a good microoxygenated structure is that the wines don’t generally throw lees. I think it drinks just fine right now without decanting, but will also hold for several days after opening, indicating that it has several years of life remaining.

I highly recommend a case purchase. By the time you figure out how good this is, it won’t be available for this price, if at all. We didn’t make very much (199 cases) and only 84 remain.

Not at all. I agree with Ajrod27 that this wine has plenty of additional ageing potential if you are set up for it. It is, however at a very nice place in its development in which it still has plenty of fresh fruit and tannic firmness but has also developed some nice bottle bouquet elements – cedar, tobacco, parmessan. The result is a kind of fresh gaminess that’s fabulous with veal or duck breast.

This is a lot of wine for this kind of money, and if you have a cellar, I recommend picking up two or three units in order to explore its development. You will chuckle every time you bring out a bottle for friends.

Let me recommend the video I taped with Nancy Worthington, the internationally acclaimed and rather feisty and politically active artist who did the label (see

Nancy and I share a glass of Planet Pluto and talk about the concept at

I hope it says on my tombstone “He never let the UPC codes get the better of him.” Ugly little things to have to put on a label.

On WineSmith back labels, I hide the stripes as part of a tiger. In Pennyfarthing, they’re the whiskers of your father’s mustache. In CheapSkate, they’re the teeth in the Cheshire Cat’s grin. In Planet Pluto, they’re a solar collector on a satelite.

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Despite the malarkey some scientists may be selling, Pluto IS a planet.

What words mean in common English is determined by usage. Pluto is a planet if enough of us say it is. Power to the people!

“Planet” is a very old term which means “wanderer,” thus any heavenly body which failed to conform to Aristotle’s theory which required precise orbit around the Earth every 24 hours.

Essentially, a planet is a heavenly body that deviates from theory. Pluto’s status as a planet is thus enhanced by its apparent deviation from current scientific theories of planetary formation (spun off from solar matter, etc.).

Pluto’s failure to “clear its area,” and instead to live in peace with its neighbors, was the criterion which modern scientists used to demote it to dwarf status. Similarly, the pesticides, herbicides and irrigation utilized on inflated value Appellation real estate leads to flatter wines which all taste the same.

Yes, Appellation is the enemy of terroir! The vineyards I work with in this blend were all respectful of nature, and show off their living soils in our “Dirty Pictures” gallery at

Planet Pluto Meritage boldly goes where no California wine has gone before. The blend consists of fruit from our network of excellent growers from many regions in California, all of whom I have worked with for many years. Here we show how they function seamlessly as a team to produce a wine of remarkable character and affordability.

Why the Scientists Are Wrong

Like many common English words, “planet” means something else in scientific English, a language few of us speak, which borrows words like “significant” and “energy” and gives them weird and silly new definitions. “Planet” is a very old term which means “wanderer,” thus any heavenly body which failed to conform to Aristotle’s theory which required precise orbit around the Earth every 24 hours. Like all other bodies in the solar system, Pluto qualifies as a planet.

The term “significant,” for example, does not mean important or noteworthy, but only that experimental data conforms to a rather silly statistical criterion, that if both the experiment data and the true population are assumed to be normally distributed – and we usually know for sure that they aren’t – that an apparent effect the data supports could only occur by chance 5% of the time.)

Nowadays, of course, thanks to science fiction depicted on movies and TV, the word has come to mean, for common English speakers, a spherical orb in space in orbit around a star, to which expectation Pluto entirely complies.

I definitely want to get on your dance cards. We are working to find a good date for a barbecue at the old church I live in in downtown Santa Rosa.

In July, I’m taking Amtrak across the U.S. and would love to meet up with as many of you as possible. UC Press will have just released my book, Postmodern Winemaking, and I can bring wines to taste and my guitar to perform some pieces from my upcoming CD.

I’m in the Cleveland OH area July 14-17 and would love to stage a get together. Then I’m in Philadelphia on July 19th, Manhattan/Long Island on the 22nd, Boston on the 24th,and the last week of July in Nova Scotia.

Anybody that wants to support a book signing party, email me at

How bad is it that I’m in for 1 only because I too feel that Pluto is a planet!

A bit off-topic on today’s offer - but there’s a fairly nice decanter on sale today for a great price.

“Trust your homies on the net”, Clark Smith.

Going directly into you my signature.

Sure can’t fault WineSmith on participation and willingness to share his enthusiasm about his art.

If not for the 90F + temps here and elsewhere (and the inevitable “don’t worry” reassurances about hot weather shipping) - I’d be in already.

Seriously, again?

If you don’t trust the shipping, don’t buy, and don’t bother posting about it.

The fact is, that no matter if “summer shipping” is in affect or not, WD plans shipping to minimize time in trucks, sitting over-night, sitting over weekends, etc. And if by some unlucky chance, something occurs with your shipment, customer service will issue a replacement/refund, no questions asked.

I really don’t understand why you constantly gripe about this. Shipping is absolutely NOT A FACTOR here, no risk involved.

I really don’t understand why you constantly gripe about this. Shipping is absolutely NOT A FACTOR here, no risk involved.

… and I don’t understand why you rant every time I comment on this, but have at it. I assume you take some joy in it.

My principal reason for posting this (as if I owed you an explanation!) was to compliment WineSmith on his participation.

He’s made his wine so interesting to me that I nearly - nearly - ordered.

Feel free to “gripe” about my comments, and I’ll feel free to continue commenting on what interests me - including shipping issues regarding wine.

It’s called an “opinion.” Granted it shockingly differs from yours, but that’s how it goes.

Now wipe your nose and get back to policing the posts.

Thanks for stopping by again Clark! Should be a great day to read over this thread. It probably won’t take me long to hit the button, just waiting on some notes from the CA gathering this past weekend.

Looking forward to your upcoming book tour, I sent you an email regarding your stop in Manhattan/LI.


I rant everytime you comment about the shipping, because there is absolutely no basis behind your comment/opinion/argument, whatever you choose to call it.

It leads people who are unaware of how the shipping actually occurs, to believe that you have been previously wronged by Woot and it’s shipping policies, and may in fact cause woot to needlessly lose sales by scaring people with your “opinions”. So I simply clarify your comments with truths.

If the point of your post was to praise Clark for his awesome participation, then do that and leave it be. No need to keep bringing up your unwavering disbelief in what has proven to be one the industry’s best shipping practices for many years.

We Ohioans have discussed a potential Cleveland area gathering for when you are in town and definitely like the idea. We’ll try and get a forum posting soon to see if there is enough interest/availability.

Oh, gosh.

I’m going to have to respectfully disregard your instructions on what I should and shouldn’t post.

I hope you’ll understand. And if not, maybe you’ll find the wherewithal to ignore my posts. They probably aren’t good for your health.

Personally, I do not find the shipping processes and policies to be sufficiently transparent. I think I’m entitled to that opinion - and here’s the part that apparently starts you spraying spittle on your screen - even though that opinion differs from yours.

This Meritage offer is a really fine one. If I’m the only person not ordering because of summer weather, so be it.

I’m fairly confident that Wooters are more than able to make their own choices about these matters. That is to say, I think the average Wooter is at least as bright as you are - but apparently much more able to disagree and make their own decisions without becoming apoplectic.

Let’s agree to disagree.

Cheers, pal.

Now, to the point: I urge everyone to take a look at WineSmith’s Planet Pluto site (he posted the link above).

The discussion of terroir is, all by itself, worth the effort. A very straightforward, plain-spoken essay.

Had some of this last night. On the nose dark ripe cherries some oak. Med. to full bodied with cherries, red berries/fruit soft tannins slight tobacco on the palate. Med./long finish. Overall well balanced complex wine. Was guessing $20-$/22 bottle. Will buy and would recommend.

PS On shipping, I can say I’ve received shipments on 90+ degree days here in Cali. and the bottles are cool to the touch.

I thought Woot had a section to post about shipping and the like? Shipping is moot on Woot so I think the discussion ends there. They resolve any issue so why even mention it.

I do not enjoy reading the volleying regarding shipping, since it is unfair to the winery. But, maybe WD can comment on when summer shipping will begin. It is June and it’s starting to get hot in most parts of the country.