WineSmith Russian River Pinot Noir (2)

Nobody’s talkin’, everybody’s just buyin’.

Oh and FTR, 2007, $49.99.

I like the wax. In for 1.

So much yum!
I’ve got 6 or 8 bottles at home and I’m hoping to meet up with Clark and/or Mike next month, so I’m sitting this one out…otherwise I’d be in.

This wine is amazing. Not a pinot fan, but this is smooth and lush. Amazing…

Woohoo! Finally!

This stuff was in the recent Winesmith offering. Instantly one of my wife’s favorite wines. Stuff is great!!! Turned a relaxing Friday night into a heavenly night.

i told myself last night when I saw the blinking lights that I would not buy any wine this time. So much at home from previous woots…
but then this showed up…

Last Wooter to Woot:

We opened a bottle of this recently with some grilled salmon. It was marinated in soy sauce and maple syrup for about 36 hours, then had coarsely cracked black pepper rubbed on it immediately prior to grilling. This wine stood up to this boldly flavored dish with no problem.
The nose was muted at first, and evolved over the course of three hours. At about half an hour after corking, the smell of black cherry came out to say hello and earthiness was coyly in it’s shadow.
The flavor was the textbook black cherry of Russian River pinot with nuances all over the map including cola and earth. The most notable thing about this wine was how long the finish persisted. It easily went on for 90 seconds. The mouth feel was full and rich, much more filling than most west coast pinot noir. In fact, my wife didn’t even believe it was Pinot at all!

Very much worth $25/btl in my humble opinion.

Must buy for anyone who does not have some of this wine. Hurry!

What the heck, in for another set :slight_smile:

Everything I’ve ever had from WineSmith has been good. And generally great QPR.

So I bought one.

Then I went and bought another one.

And then one more…

Honestly you could not have too much of this wine. I would get more but I am over budget!