WineSmith Russian River Pinot Noir (2)

Just took one of these to our company Christmas dinner, along with a '93 Pedroncelli cab and a '07 Crucible. I thought for sure that the Crucible would be the favorite, but everyone raved about this Pinot noir. I have to admit, the restaurant didn’t know how to decant a wine to save their life, so the Crucible definitely needed more time to open up before we downed it (and it was still delicious), but this PN was beautiful with limited aeration / decanting.

Since we are an office of 4 people, I was watching this Woot-off like a hawk, since I knew this 2-pack was coming up from the email Clark had sent out. In for 3, and everyone is getting a pair of these beauties for Christmas.

Simply one of the best bottles I’ve ever had from Winesmith. And I’m not even really a PN guy.

Decant, then rebottle.,

Damn, hopefully this shows back up. This was a very good bottle of juice, sucks that I missed out.

This came up early.

From Clark’s email:

As always, CONTACT US if you miss out on the deal, your state is not listed, or to combine with other offerings.

Office phone: (707) 237-7000 or email us at: