WineSmith Russian River Pinot Noir (2)

WineSmith Russian River Pinot Noir 2-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
$49.99 $115.00 57% off List Price
2007 WineSmith Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County

Seriously? I have to try to make it a whole week without buying any of this? Oh boy…

After all these years, still the best thing I ever bought on wine.woot… if you have never had this wine, it’s so worth it.

In for 3, and so happy that I had one last chance to get it before the end.

Super tasty juice here…in for 3!

Favorite of all the WineSmith varietals. Thank you Clark for making this available to us.

Easily one of my Woot favorites. I was getting ready to implement Clark’s offer of honoring all past Woot!s and this eliminates that need.

Thanks WD and Clark.

Look on the bright side, maybe it’ll sell out before then!


First time “first sucker” for me.

Because this didn’t require a second thought!

Second the sentiment above that this was/is one of my best wine.woot purchases.

With such high praise I have to give this one a go, in for one. I imagine I’ll regret only being in for one later :smiley:

Do not hesitate!! Amazing juice. Been a crazy month, but this is simply a must buy.

2nd that…
In for 6.
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First sucker: Sagles
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Last purchase: a few seconds ago

We’re already down to the “Only a few left!” warning, so looks like you don’t have much longer to resist. (Or cave in and grab some.) :slight_smile:

Looks like we’re running out of the woot allotment. If you call the winery at 707-237-7000, we may be able to find more for you at this price.


I learned about this 2007 RRV Pinot and the 2005 Faux Chablis through an e-mail from WineSmith earlier this afternoon, which states:

As a Bon Voyage to Wine.Woot and 2017, we are offering one last WineSmith and Two Jake’s of Diamonds woot.

Does this mean that WineSmith will no longer be offered on

Wine.Woot is closing on December 31st, 2017

Dang. Nothing else worth buying on Woot. I suppose Woot will become a T-Shirt site only?

Glad I got a set before the sell out. Sad I couldn’t justify two sets.

Ah, but the torture continues. I have diabolically added additional stock to the offer in light of the enthusiastic response. Just didn’t seem right to sell out on Day 1.


Need to confirm you’ve got 6 from futures and 6 more from a later purchase tucked away for me.

Else: need to purchase…