WineSmith Saint Laurent (3)

WineSmith Saint Laurent 3-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2014 WineSmith Saint Laurent, Ricci Vineyard, Carneros, Sonoma County

Thank you Clark for the going away gift of the big event. I did my part and just hope I can still have some of your wines left to pour for my wife when she realizes how much I’ve spent on your wonderful wines in the last week!

Over the last years checking wine woot for a Winesmith offerings was a little like the anticipation on Christmas morning. I will miss it…though went out with a bang at 1 a.m. (still technically morning and didn’t give you time to sell out).

Was just introduced to Clark’s wines in the past year and am now making up for lost time…
Thanks for such great sendoff to wine.woot with all these great offers…

Last Wooter to Woot:

Hi Clark,
What’s the drinking window on this vintage? Thanks. LAT

That’s a good question. I like it now for its bright fruit, but it also has a lot of complexity which will undoubtedly increase over time. The structure is so good that I don’t expect it to fall apart in less than a decade, but it will certainly change in unpredictable ways.

A new varietal for me…Can’t go wrong with Clark’s wines!

I have really enjoyed your other winesan am curious about this one… any videos of you discussing them?


Lots of other winesmith videos at my youtube channel winesmith1.

One SF chef really likes this stuff with lean, grass-fed beef. He says Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t work because there’not enough fat. Here you have ample but incredibly soft tannins and really good acidity.

In most reds, palate-cleansing acidity ain’t cool, because it draws saliva into the mouth and the protein it contains reacts with tannin and creates a coarse mouth-feel. But in St. Laurent, the tannins are enrobed, so this doesn’t happen. It’s quite unique.