Winix 50-pint Dehumidifier with Pump

It’s reviewed in two different places on amazon: once with 3.5/5 stars (11 reviews) and once with 3.7/5 stars (three reviews). People praise it for being quiet and criticize it for being loud. :slight_smile: Seems like it generally does a nice job of removing moisture from the air and the ability to empty it without removing the bucket seems like a great feature.

Lots of very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

I wonder how much electricity this uses as compared to an air conditioner. There is no wattage rating in the description. The latter can be bought for as little as $89 and also removes humidity, in addition to cooling the air. If this uses a lot less electricity, then having this on with a fan should be enough unless the day is very hot.

2012 was the 110th anniversary of the first room air conditioner. Little known is the fact that it was actually invented to dehumidfy, not to cool. Teh fact that it cooled was just a lucky side effect. Humidity is one of the worst enemies of a printing press. Paper curls and jams, and inks dry more slowly. To solve this, cold water was sent through large pipes in the room. Just like a cold milk container in a warm room, water could condense on the cold surface, removing moisture from the air. Fans blowing on the pipes was meant to blow humid air onto the pipers. but the fact that the pipe’s coldness circulated throughout the room was a lucky bonus.

Just thought you’d like to know…

Operator’s Guide:

That would make 2013 the 111th anniversary. How tempus fugit.

We have a similar unit and it uses quite a bit of power, like a window AC. Running continuosly our bill was about $40-50 per month higher for the three months we needed it. Also keep in mind it exhausts heat into the room, not cold air. I now wonder if a portable A/C might not have been a better idea.

That’s a LOT of electricity!

How hot does this get?

Mine is a different manufacturer, but mine blows a good bit of hot air out - thus adding to the cooling cost of the house in summer. Think of the exhaust air on a window AC only inside your house.

For what it’s worth as background info, I bought one of those “Haier” (and other names) roll-around AC units that also dehumidifies.

The unit I have has a bad design that supposedly blows the moisture out the window via a duct, but the inner tray fills too fast and it doesn’t work.

The solution was to put a bit of hose in the unit’s “seasonal drain hole”, elevate it and have it drip into a plastic tub.

If you can find one cheap, it will work as AC and dehumidifier.

On days when it is really muggy, I would just as soon use the same amount of power to do both at the same time. I was pulling gallons of water out of the air!

not intended to cool the air, it’s for removing moisture from air for places like your basement which are usually high moisture areas and already cool.

Not listed in Consumer Reports. Company website doesn’t even list them any longer. After more research, it seems that Winix has stopped making dehumidifiers: from the Home Depot site: Winix 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump-DISCONTINUED

Does anyone know what the deal is with this and how it might affect the warranty ?

here in the North East this is a basement unit, not a Air conditioner!

As a basement unit, the feature for pumping the excess water up 15’ is fabulous. It eliminates the need to carry the 2 gal bucket up from the basement every day or two.
I plan on opening up a basement window & putting the water pipe into the window well. Our soil is mostly sand so it drains exceptionally good. I may have to dig a small hole as a basin.

If I had to guess, it’s somewhere around 450-900 watts per hour of constant use. 450 on the low end with no pump engaged. 900 on the high end with the pump kicking on when the bucket is full.
A Frigidaire 5000btu ($250) portable uses 560 watts per hour. An LG 1311BXR 13000BTU ($500) uses 1340 watts per hour. BOTH NEED TO BE WINDOW VENTED for the hot exhaust air.
The price for this unit is a decent price. I paid around $140 for the Harier I bought from a Wallyworld. Compared to a quick online price check for ‘dehumidifier with pump’ its a pretty good price.
The Harier is still working but I’m not sure for how much longer. I’ve had it for 4 years. This would be a nice replacement. The one I had before (Goldstar) lasted 5 years.
Not sure if I’m ready to double down since I don’t need it right now. And I don’t need a model with a pump (no drain nearby).

I have the same question as RaisonRom regarding the warranty. The product is not listed on the company web site. Woot is showing this as new with a 1 year warranty. I’m concerned that it will be difficult to replace with new if it is defective.

I bought this from sylvane at much higher price, but I did ask them about warranty. It seems like Winix has servicing center in IL, so if something goes wrong I was told Item is covered and will be taken care of.

I just bought 2 new dehumidifiers (Soleus and Frigidaire) to replace my old one. An interesting thing that I have noticed is that in the winter the 2 new ones do not turn on due to the typical winter dryness. The old one was not as efficient and always turned off and on all times of the year. I am actually saving about $15 a month using two dehumidifiers (because they do not turn on in the winter) versus the old one.

Mold and mildew not good. Me want dehumidifier.Yummy.