Winix 5000B Plasmawave Air Purifier

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New Winix 5000B Plasmawave Air Purifier, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Winix 5000B Plasmawave Air Purifier

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Winix 5000B Plasmawave Air Purifier
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Winix 5000B Plasmawave Air Purifier

This is 1/2 of what Amazon sells for, and $50 less than eBay.

Replacement filters are $50. Yikes.

hydroxyl is totally radical according to wikipedia.
bunch of BS science it seems all these purifiers use.

That’s not terribly uncommon for good filters. The purifier we have is $45 to replace the filter - but it lasts a year. Not sure about this fellow, need to find some reviews.

Anyone know how these compare to the Filtrete ones Woot sold a while back?

Is it a coincidence that California is buying all the air purifiers?

  • Bet not

The Filtrete ones supposedly had a slightly better filter for actually capturing the dust and pollen that came through. They didn’t have a carbon filter that could do some chemical filtering, and they didn’t have this “PlasmaWave™ Technology” that’s supposed to kill germs. (But does it really work anyways?)

This goes a step further, and actively eliminates odors. We have a similar one we got from woot - a Mitsubishi PlasmaPure unit that works pretty well with er, pet waste odors - it’s great for use in Winter when you don’t want to open windows. Don’t know if this one works as well as the PlasmaPure, but some of the bells and whistles on ours either don’t work (the odor sensor freaks out if you eat toasted bread but ignores it when a cat takes a big dump 3’ away from it) or aren’t vital (the remote control). The shutoff timer on ours is pretty handy, but not vital. I’m seriously considering getting one of these…

So basically, this filter fires -OH ions at organic molecules in the air to break them up?

I’m sorry, but isn’t the direct end result of that process either the benign generation of water (O2 + 2(OH) = 2(H2O)) or the creation of some rather complex alcohols once the -OH ions react with the organic molecules?

This doesn’t seem particularly safe…

Does anyone know if it comes already with filters or do we have to buy them separately? Also, how often do they need to be changed or can they be cleaned?

Two Buzzillion reviews. Averaging at 4.5 stars…

I agree. Where are the studies on the safety of this thing when the very toxicity with organics (lung cells) is what they say make it effective

It should come with the filters. The PlasmaPure we have has a HEPA filter that you can surface-vacuum. I’d like to know if this is the same, because if you have pets that’s a must to extend the filter life to at least a year. I’d also like to know where this one’s made…

IIRC, the way our filter (PlasmaPure) does it is to do the reacting upstream and then send the air through the charcoal stage, which hopefully eliminates the unwanted byproducts. In any case, it doesn’t seem to irritate our lungs at all.

Actually… according to the manual ( on page 11, there are two filters… the carbon one is $40 and is required to be replaced every 3 months AND a Hepa filter that needs to be replaced once a year and that’s $50… sooo operating cost is $170 a year: ($30x4) + $50, plus energy cost

Woops, (40*4) + 50 = 210. Either way, I’d like to purchase the unit but I may get a bit lazy about replacing those filters on time.

The cost of replacing the 2 filters for this unit, makes this item way too expensive. You can spend a very small amount more, and get a better quality air purifier, which actually has more features, and also includes permanent filters which can be cleaned and reused. Items like this are nothing more than a gimmick, equivalent to cheap computer printers, which gouge you when it comes time to buy more ink. Quality air purifiers, come with quality permanent filters, and spending $250 - $300 one time, for better quality, sure beats spending $99 plus $210 per year, for the life of the unit.

If you purchased this unit, after 1 year, you’ve already spent more than you would have on a better quality purifier, which wouldn’t require you to purchase additional filters…

I don’t agree. You basically have to choose between units that have washable filters that aren’t HEPA grade, and HEPA grade filters that do need filter replacement. As I noted earlier, if you can vacuum the HEPA filter’s surface with a brush attachment, you can greatly extend the filter life. As for charcoal filters, they do stop working pretty fast, although it’s usually closer to six months than three, and with luck you can use a universal charcoal prefilter sheet for $10 instead of the OEM replacement.

Bottom line: we have a similar, more expensive unit, and have been using it for about 9 months. We’ve used the standard HEPA + charcoal filters for years, and there is no contest: the plasma filter will eliminate litterbox and cooking odors 5-10X as fast and effectively as the regular HEPA + charcoal filters, even after the charcoal filter in it stops working. To date we have had to do nothing but vacuum the HEPA filter a few times. I put in a very thin fiber prefilter to catch large hairs, but it hasn’t picked up many. I bought one of these.