Winix AW107 FresHome Air Washer & Humidifier

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Winix AW107 FresHome Air Washer & Humidifier
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A few perfect reviews over at and lets learn all about Winix

Perfect Review at Overstock

I am iffy about believing that specific review at overstock since the exact same review has been posted on Amazon as well.

There are other good reviews though on Amazon.

Wouldn’t it be nice if reviews were policed. I mean you can’t trust anything on Yelp… I know numerous businesses that have their employees posting fake reviews all the time on Yelp, including fake bad ones for their competitors.

Amazon does it better than most. If anyone knows of a place that polices their reviews really well, please share.

Yelp is the WORST

It’s listed @ #3 on TopTenReviews.

Can anyone tell me where the mist comes out? Is it directional? Straight up from the top? On all four sides?
Can’t find this info anywhere.

I was reading the manual (from Sylvane site I think) and the air comes in at the top and goes out on the side(s). Can’t remember how many sides, that was many hours ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tech looks very similar to my Venta, which I love. You can see all the gunk it picks up out of the air when you replace the water. I have cats so I change the water weekly and rinse the drum with my strongest handheld shower setting. It’s good to give it a good clean with a brush and vinegar water every once in a while depending on your water quality. You can also add essential oils or other scents to the water. I do have to replenish the water daily during the dry winter days.

The product features on woot states “This air washer disperses just under 1 gallon of gentle humidified air per day.” However the specifications states “Moisture Output Per Day: 2.3 gallons”. Big difference. If you own this would you please confirm actual moisture output per day?

I’m almost certain it’s not directional.

See, there’s no mist per se: the air gets “mosturized” inside the device.

For other kinds of humidifiers (hot steam, ultrasonic) this happens mostly outside of them.
The mist they produce contains water mostly in form of tiny droplets suspended in the air.
The stream is supposed to mix with the outside air for the droplets to evaporate. Only then you’ll get the humid air you’re looking for.
And some of those droplets won’t evaporate completely. Instead, they’ll land on surrounding surfaces, and feed mold growth there.
Ultrasonic humidifiers’s mist may also contain minerals naturally present in tap water. They’ll settle on everything in the room when the water dries up, forming quite a layer of white dust over time.

On the other hand, the mist-producing vaporizers allow you to achieve almost any humidity you want.

I doubt it’ll be easy (or even possible) for the Winix to get above 60-70%, especially in larger rooms.
I’m not even sure it’ll work at all in already humid conditions.
Yes, in such cases you won’t need the humidifying part, but you may still care about its air-cleaning functionality.
Yet Winix completely turns itself off when it thinks it’s already too humid, at least in Auto mode.
I bought one anyway, and keep my fingers crossed, hoping that in normal mode it’ll still filter my air.

There are three levels: Low, Middle, and High. I guess “under 1 gallon” is average, while “2.3 gallons” is the most the device can disperse in 24 hours.
Also, since it’s evaporative, the actual water consumption (and dispersal) depends on current air humidity.
The more humid it is already, the less readily the rest of the water evaporates.