Winix AW107 FresHome Air Washer & Humidifier

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Winix AW107 FresHome Air Washer & Humidifier
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3/28/2015 - $149.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

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lets learn all about Winix

I got one of these last time it came up. It works well as a low energy humidifier. Seems well made but the ‘air washer’ bit is kind of silly.

I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a quality humidifier, not so much as an air washer.

Picked one of these up last time, too.
I use it in the bedroom. Super quiet, good water capacity and works really well. Paired with a closed door and ceiling fan on low, the impact is felt pretty quickly.
I don’t cough or sneeze in my sleep anymore or wake up with the inside of my nose feeling like shredded wheat.
As for the cleaning discs; it’s the start of allergy season right now and I’m less afflicted. I’ve also noticed less dust on horizontal surfaces.
If I have a complaint, it’s the air in the bedroom is so markedly fresher that, when I wake up and exit, it makes the air in the rest of the house seem stale.
(In my defense, it’s not that I’m a lackadaisical housekeeper; there’s a on-premise geriatric feline prone to bouts of weapons-grade flatulence. I’m keen to pit the freshening power of the Winix against Old Crappy, but I’m afraid the device would beep “screw you” in morse code and resign in disgust.)

Overall, I’m beyond pleased and highly recommend.

Bought one last time and very happy.
Humidity, on average, ran about 46% as opposed to the 39% before. Room is about 15x15 with door open.
Immediate relief from back of throat dryness.
The sleep mode doesn’t seem to keep humidity as high as I’d like, but in reality, the regular mode is so quiet that I don’t use the sleep mode.

Pricier than a CVS special, yes…but worth it.

I have a pellet stove and live in the northeast. I would love to replace my old Kenmore whole house console humidifier which claims to output 13 gallons per day. I get about 6 gallons per day with the fans on medium. The features tab on todays Woot states “This air washer disperses just under 1 gallon of gentle humidified air per day.” While the specs state “Moisture Output Per Day: 2.3 gallons”. Would someone who owns this please post actual water use / output per day? I’m considering ordering 2. Thanks.

Something wrong here:[list][]Maximum Amperage: 35 Amps
]Maximum Wattage: 17 W
[*]Voltage:110-120 V[/list]
if this is ~really~ just 17 Watts, current wouldn’t exceed ~0.15 Amps.
35 Amps @ 120 Volts is a whopping 4200 Watts; air conditioner sized numbers.