Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

The air quality sensor is completely erratic and indicates poor air quality then good and then back to bad. It however does not notice when cooking and there is smoke and odors. I have tried reaching out to Winix 3 times now without any response.

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I bought a brand new one a while back that has an unbalanced fan that makes an annoying clicking noise. They wanted me to pay return shipping. LOL, to hell with that. I also bought a refurb through Woot a while back that has a fan that chirps. Buyer be warned.

Despite the two other’s warnings. I bought 3 new ones (sale $100, reg $130) from Costco and then 3 more refurbed from woot and they’ve all been great. Yes, there have been times the air quality sensor turns on for some reason but I suspect it’s because very sensitive and it’s sensing something I can’t smell. I don’t have one in the kitchen so I don’t know if it’d kick in from cooking.

On the first day of use, it really cleaned up the air in the rooms. I can smell the difference.

It goes full alert with the slightest whiff of methane- lol
Power draw on my old Honeywell air cleaner was very high compared to my Winix, which makes a difference when it’s running continuously.

Got 3 - 2 Woot refurbs, 1 new from AZN. Very happy with them.

have 2 (refurbs from woot) both are working flawlessly remote died on one customer service sent one out priority mail. ordering 1 more

Do these refurb units come with filters?

Yes. If I remember right, you’ll 2 or 3 charcoal one. You’ll need one immediately and have 2 for later (change ever 4 months or when the light goes on). Buy new and you get one more filter.

I was pretty happy with the Winix cleaner that I had. It ran pretty well for several years. Eventually the sensor failed and always thought it was under attack but it still worked pretty well. Filters were expensive and I had to mail order them from Walgreens. Buyers should check availability of new filters because you will need to replace them at least once a year. Not kidding, it was $90 for a filter on that old model.

One day there had been a power outage and the Winix would not power up after it came back. Surge? Maybe.

Would I buy another? Not today, I bought a different brand and it’s still working.

Mine came with one. New ones come with two. Non-OEM ones are on the mothership pretty cheap.

My favorite part of this filter is when I rip a fart and it kicks into high gear about 30 seconds later.


We’ve been using three of these for about a year with no problems. Please noter the refurbs do not come with all the extra filters, but they are a pretty common size and are on the mothership pretty cheap.

Mine new out of the box constantly ramped up and down going from red to blue. Cooking odors? Unit didn’t notice and stayed blue like everything was fine. Got tired of listening to it go to red every few seconds and the energy it was wasting. Winix solution is to mail it to them at YOUR cost…