Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

They’ve gone up. Was $69.99 back in February. I have this same model and I do like it.
Edit: This says it includes the first HEPA filter change - 2/8 HEPA/Carbon rather than 1/4. Probably worth the $20.

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The price and warranty (1 year) on this Winix C535 offered by Woot match the price $89.99 and warranty (1 year) of the “Certified Refurbished” C535 that Winix is selling on its website. Did you purchase yours from Woot in February? Any indications that is wasn’t “New” as advertised?


These are new!

That was certified refurbished condition. This is the first time we have run new condition on this item (plus this one comes with 4 extra filters)- thanks!!

I’ve purchased three of these from Woot over the last year. They were listed as “refurb” but are “as new”. Work great at a great price. Use them daily. Quiet on 1-3, move a lot of air on 4 (hi).

Good deal until you add in taxes and a $6.00 shipping fee. uggggggggg…

Based on that, this would be a good deal for those people who have Prime.

Can this be returned to Kohl’s like other Amazon purchases?

No. That’s for purchases directly from Amazon. If you need to return it, contact Woot customer service.

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