Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Seriously a great air cleaner. I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and it works a treat!

Thank you for sharing. I had been considering buying one for a few months now. This seems like a great price.

had a couple of these air filter for years - would recommend.

not sure about this deal though… the c535 typically comes with 2 filters (they’re not cheap… $40 for the official one) and on a decent sale the whole unit + 2 filters you’re looking at ~$120.

i no longer see this model officially sold by amazon or costco - i wonder if they’re phasing it out for the newer c555? (looks identical but includes wifi?)

Got this new from Woot when offered new (with filters) about 2 months ago. It is incredibly smart, adjusting to day/night, fan speed depending on the amount of pollution and even on high you can’t hear it. Never needed Turbo mode but even at that setting it’s pretty quiet. We have 3 air purifiers and this is the best. It outperforms an expensive $400 unit.

Highly recommend. I’m going on a year with my Woot! refurb and it’s been great. Costco sells 2-year supply of charcoal & HEPA filters for $89.99, but they often go on sale for $20 off. I’ve also purchased the (cheaper) isinlive aftermarket brand and they’ve worked fine. Currently, they are $23.99 on Amazon for a 1-year supply.

Got three, they work fine. Search AZN for compatible filters and save $$.