Winix L100 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Winix L100 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Any idea if this will work with a smart plug? That is, if you cut power to the humidifier, does it return to its previous state when power is restored?

The switches appear to be electronic and not mechanical. The unit would be off when electricity is reconnected.


That is a good question; I can see why that would be handy for automatic control remotely. But it seems pretty-much all these units use electronic controls and an external power adapter, and reset to the “off” setting when the power is disconnected. I have a similar model (not same brand) and just tested it – it has a push-button that lights up in red(power) or green(unit on.) It was running (green), I turned off power to plug and back on, it came back in (red, power on, unit off) setting. I expect most units like this will all do the same.

For automatic control especially if you will be remote, I’d remind that a unit like this will usually empty its water tank in about 1/2 day. So any hopes of long-term control without having to be near the unit to refill it aren’t really possible anyway. They do make larger portable humidifiers (much bigger) that can take several gallons of water, which would last much longer of course. And there are units, either portable or installed with your heating system, that connect to a water source.

Why is 49.99$ on Amazon, but you show discount from 59.99$ ?

I got one of these on a prior sale, and a different style from another manufacturer.
This one is nice, and perfect for a bedroom. The night light can be toggled off, and the aroma pad thing is a nice option. Tge biggest plus, is that it’s silent when running. The other one I bought makes a quiet but noticeable gurgle when it pulls water from the reservoir, every 5 minutes or so.
This one is absolutely silent.
The only thing i dont like about it is the tank design.
There’s no handle or grip molded into it, so its takes some care removing and replacing it. The top is also slanted, so when I’m refilling it in the sink, I have to stabilize it, or it tips over.
Other than that I’ve been happy with this humidifier.

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