Wink Connected Home Hub

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Wink Connected Home Hub
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Not Wink Hub 2.

Why are only phones supported and not tablets or desktops? This sort of limitation makes me suspicious.

Welcome to the new world. Most/all mesh router setups are the same…no way to configure from anything other than iOS or Android app.

I’ve been learning about and hassbian. They are web enabled and all of the control is within the device itself. Combine that with a dynamic DNS and you’re still getting world-wide access to things.

I’m reminded of my escort radar (also bought here on woot) where the app only installs from the play store to phones and not tablets or other devices. Fortunately found the APK file and was able to load it on my android car stereo just fine. It’s not that they “can’t” do it, it’s that they want you to use phones so they have more data on you. Your phone reveals lots of things about you.

Still being sold on Amazon for $68.33.

I might have been interested a while back but my new Echo Plus is showing promise.

What protocols does it support? I see z-wave but does it support insteon and x-10?

According to an Amazon customer…

The Hub supports the following protocols and products: Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lutron ClearConnect, and Kidde.

I have one of these. After setting it up, I tested it and stopped using it. I really don’t get the need. There’s nothing it does that I can’t already do with so many other devices I already have, and most other people already have.

Not worth $30 and the effort setting up something that is obsolete/discontinuted. Pay the $99 and get Hub 2.

I have this, and it’s been pretty useful/reliable. I’ve been tempted to upgrade to the Wink Hub 2, but I haven’t seen the need. I actually off-loaded most of the automation to a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant. The Wink Hub has become basically a remote control for various “smart” devices. If I want to turn on/off a light manually, I use the Wink App, the Wink-connected switch, or Google Home. If I want the lights to automatically come on when I get home, Home Assistant controls my devices through the Wink Hub for me.

The Wink Hub alone is functional as well, but there’s a limit to the complexity of the automations you can add. Wink Hub 2 doesn’t do much more than hub one, but it can plug directly into a router, and performs more actions locally, so an internet outage will not prevent some of the “Robots” from running. Otherwise this is a fine way to get your feet wet in home automation, and most of the “works with Wink” items will also work with other systems and, of course, the 2nd Wink Hub.

I have this setup solely to operate a Schlage z-wave keypad lock. I love it, and how I can unlock my front door remotely, add/delete codes, and get notifications when the door locks or unlocks. Wink’s customer service is awesome, and the product has been reliable for over two years.

I am a longtime Wink user, and I have both the Hub 1 and Hub 2. Wink is a great product and works with many items. Just go to their website and see all the compatible products. Hub 2 has been replaced, but for $30 this is a great price for people to get into home automation.

I use both the Hub 1 and the Hub 2, and I think the Hub 1 is perfectly fine. It is missing a couple small features from the Hub 2, but by and large, it will do the same job. (I moved to the Hub 2 purely because I wanted Ethernet support.)

We have both this and the hub 2. Both are fine at home automation. The 2 has a few more features and performance improvements. The 1 is adequate for most uses. Even if you outgrow it and upgrade to a hub 2, you can still keep the old on in service to “lighten the load” or to extend the zigbee or zwave network. The app doesn’t care how many hubs you have and all connected devices work together. A point of contention is that while hub 1 lists Bluetooth LE as an included feature, it is used SOLELY for setup. The hub 2’s BT LE is actually used for devices. Currently only the Switchmate (1st gen) are supported and they work great. Other than that, the hub 1 performance admirably and you can hardly go wrong @ $30.

And BTW, their support staff is based in the East Coast so that means when you call, you’re not talking to someone reading off a script in India or Brazil.

So… this Woot listing says it supports Bluetooth. According to’s comparison of the wink hub 2, the original does not. Version 2 does. So if I buy this, will I get a refund later when I prove it doesn’t have what is listed? Doubt it.