Winners from the Post Mongering 8/18/22 (Part 1)


Sorry if you’re not on the list but it would only let me list 10 users use but if you are a winner please don’t hesitate to add your picture and show everybody what you have one thank you very much Wooters !!!

Winner #6889

I am sorry if you cannot see the image I do not know how to change it so you can see it but here’s what I won three T-shirts first T-shirt says route security second T-shirt says is finally over and third T-shirt says Woot Dot COM A pair of Woot security lights A very nice wireless headset a pen and last but not least about 1000 Woot t-shirt tags sizes from extra small to extra large I don’t know if the t-shirt tags were sent to me by mistake but if you want them back you can always email me thank you for everything I really do appreciate it and I hope you’re able to open the picture and see everything

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