Winning the Race

Like grandma said, “Bristling with weaponry and heartless always wins the race.”

So a gun that shoots forward kills things behind it? Did I get that right?

Wrong bunny.

All that weaponry and the turtle was only able to slightly singe the rabbit? Waste of money, I’d say! You want more destruction in your heavy assault guns!

That turtle is packing more heat than the Technodrome.

I want this shirt… a modern take on a classic story… like the new Star Trek movie that kicks butt and not the old ones that no one watched… ;D

no surprise. though I do think there were more deserving shirts to win first.

lol i wonder how many rounds it took to kill the rabbit

In a way, I suppose, shirt.woot’s version of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare can be seen as a metaphor for seki’s relationship with other wooters.

I will not name who the rabbit represents in this metaphor. . . .

Needs jet packs. Otherwise Turtle might not have been able to catch up to Rabbit. This was just a lucky chance occurrence.

notice no weapons facing backwards…that mr. turtle is strategy.

tortoise shoots hare, tortoise passes hare. learn object permanence, young one.

My sentiment exactly.

It’s a tortoise in the story. Obviously.

There were eight more deserving shirts in the fog, for one. And that’s counting Ramy’s.

turtles these days taking the easy way out. What ever happened to slow and steady.

This will go great with my “You’ve gotta try this!” shirt.

I always think it’s funny that people think that seki should change her style–she has like five shirts on the reckoning shirt, some, like Imposter, that have been there for a long, long time. I wouldn’t change my winning style either.

Then again, I am the hated Shirt.Woot buyer who likes cute over “artsy” and I own many Seki and RamyB shirts.

So how long will woot take to check why these two are winning first place every week, even with the modified fog and hotness?