WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker

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WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Jack Bower needs a crate of these.he seems to always be losing his.

I want to stick one of these under villains’ cars and track them, James Bond style

How long until we have a GPS bacon tracker? You freaks on the Internetz like bacon enough that it’ll happen someday!
$47, 3.5 stars. Meh.

I need one of these to track my mom. She’s alway saying that she won’t speed and she’s only running a couple of errands. Riiiiiight. She’s a speed demon and can’t help but stop by 1)our old house 2)the dentist just to chat with the office staff 3)Home Depot, to figure out another project for the house 4)the field where I first played baseball…you get the idea.