Winter's Hill Oregon Pinot Noir (4)

Winter’s Hill Oregon Pinot Noir 4-Pack
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2014 Winter’s Hill Estate Watershed Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, Oregon
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The '06 Dundee from a few years ago was pretty tasty.

Need some TN’s for such a recent vintage; and more info.
Just % AbV is weak.

Kyle had this, I’ll see if he can post notes.

I had this one recently. It is a fruit forward PN - lots of raspberry and raspberry leaves on the palate. Big flavor on the entry, but surprisingly short finish. Not much tannin structure. I think this is a “Drink now” wine. I don’t think it was designed to age.

Was maybe sounding interesting, but a limited number of “ship to” states on this one.

Had this wine recently. It was a reasonable fruit forward Oregon Pinot. Perhaps a little more tart fruit (raspberry, tart cherry, etc.) then I like. Not much in the way of tannins for such a young wine, so drink it soon.



Wine: 2014 Winter’s Hill Estate Pinot Noir (Dundee Hills, Oregon, USA), Release Price: $39 (Club Price: $33). Prices are for the 2013 vintage; the 2014 is not yet listed on website. Is this an old-fashioned Woot launch? Opened one week after FedEx delivery. Six people tasted pre-meal with no food pairing and offered their notes as part of this collective review. Only one of the six reviewers had significant prior experience with Oregon pinot noir, while three others had a higher-than-average amount of experience with pinot noir from California and France. The wine was served at 54 degrees with an ambient temperature of 80 degrees. Generic red wine glasses used.

Notes: First of all, the bottle says that the wine is “certified salmon safe,” which the group of tasters found very funny. One person suggested salmon might, therefore, be an interesting pairing. All kidding aside: Upon opening, the color was somewhere between Ocean Spray cranberry and red wine vinegar. The nose offered muted cherry and rose petal. After ten minutes, steel and salt ocean air were present. The nose was therefore pleasant enough. The taste was heavy on the alcohol, and perhaps a bit thin, with a fairly short finish. I wonder if the wine could use a little more time in the bottle; after all, it’s now September 2015, and we’re opening a 2014 pinot noir. But judging the bottle as it’s opened, with a comparison we can’t help to make (to a pinot noir from Santa Barbara), this wine was less fruit forward, less what we called “obviously expressive,” and a bit too thin in the mouth feel. One reviewer described it as a bit boring, perhaps asleep. The bottle was not finished (by the reviewers). Again, this wine might wake up, shine, and express itself. It might, after a year in the bottle, be a bit more interesting. However, right now, it’s not all that interesting. Consensus suggested that the $33 “club price” did not represent good value for the bottle, as it sits right now. At a lower price, it might be worth holding a couple bottles of it for 12-18 months to see what happens.


When is this up until? I have a bottle but won’t have a good opportunity to open it until tomorrow.

Oct 2

Reviewers are correct in that this is a drink now wine. Tannins are purposefully low in this wine so that they don’t overpower the light body with too dry of finish. If you like a bigger body and more tannins this is not the wine for you. Salmon is a great pairing for this wine. Salmon Safe is a certification many of us wineries in Oregon have showing that our vineyards don’t have run off or chemicals in the soil that will appear in the streams and rivers to harm salmon in our area.

We also just got the first review in yesterday on this wine. It will be featured in December issue of Wine Enthusiast with 90 points and Editor’s Choice.

We went through more than a case of 2009, which SWMBO and I thoroughly enjoyed. A bit of a sleeper, and the 2009 was a super bargain. I’m in on this one!

Had a glass of this at a friends recently.

I think the previous reviews have said most of what I would. However, I would note that this is a lighter PN then many from Central Coast or Carneros. Its low tannins make it very drinkable now, but the tartness let it pair with some foods. Also, one thing to note - it doesn’t have the “twigs and sticks” that some people note in PN (you know who you are!), so even someone who doesn’t like PN asked for some.

I just tasted this wine. TL;DR version: nice, light-bodied, pure red fruit PN that is fair at around $20/btl.

Nice, light nose of red fruit and a hint of alc. Body is light to maybe light-medium. Not a complex wine, but very pretty. Pure fruit coming through – none of the fake PN fruit that I find in the $15-$20 price. The fruit is all red and very pretty. Nice acid to support the wine, mild tannin, no heat on the palate for me. Good, full-palate coating wine with a moderate, light finish.

This is not my style of PN, but I’d think RPM would really enjoy this for a weeknight red (if you can calibrate to his palate better than mine). This is too light for me to want to buy, but I’d gladly drink it if it were handed to me and I imagine it would be gone pretty quickly.

That’s a good description of the 2009 which we drank so much of: a lovely, everyday Pinot with bright fruit and nice balance. Not the most complex Pinot, but not the price of Romanee-Conti either.

Thanks for the notes Kyle.

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Thanks and back to the wineing.

What excellent notes!! Makes this an easy decision, as this is clearly a PN that is right in DWs soft spot.

Hey Everybody! Unfortunately, I’m in Italy and I left my wine tasting notes at home for this one, but the only Winter’s Hill PN I’ve had was the 2009… and it was deeelicious!

I actually still have one bottle left of the 2009 (I tried one 6 months ago) and it held up beautifully. If this 2014 is anything like the 2009 vintage, I would agree with a couple of the previous posters here in saying that some bottle time would do it some good. I hadn’t purchased the 2009 vintage until 2013 anyway. That was about right.

Sorry I don’t have good flavor/aroma notes but what was said in here sounds similar.