Winter Crate 2016

Disappointed this is $9 less than I paid two weeks ago, but can still vouch that it’s a great deal! I love my crate and every item inside of it! Did you guys just run out of the tote bags?

Also surprised at the lower price. But a mystery random is enough to get me to buy a second. Plus, I can share the other contents with several people. Win win.

You’re a bolder shopper than I tonight. Although, I am tempted by another shot shot at a blue cap…

If I get a blue cap this go round, I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:

I got the blue cap.

In for three - everything broken out for gifts. Easiest Christmas shopping ever.

I have a blue cap I am willing to trade.

me too. I hope it is an actual blob.

I’m so glad you like it!! It’s my first time putting together a crate and I was hoping at least one person would enjoy. :slight_smile:

Yes, we did run out of tote bags. I put the crate up for sale at a reduced price mainly because it probably won’t arrive in time for Christmas unless you pay extra for expedited shipping, and even then I can’t guarantee x-mas arrival. Also, we are throwing in some other random shirt.woot thing lying around rather than a tote. They told me it’ll be around the same value as a tote, to be fair to anyone who bought it in the main sale.

Quick question, now the things in the crate are they all Christmas theme related? Or just the shirt? Thanks!

I believe it’s just the shirt.

Anyone getting shipping notices for their Winter Crate 2016 2.0? Anticipation is driving me nuts.

Nope, and given that Ocho said “it probably won’t arrive in time for Christmas unless you pay extra for expedited shipping, and even then I can’t guarantee x-mas arrival.”, I wasn’t banking on it arriving soon anyway.

Just got my shipping notice. Had paid for two-day shipping, but Woot upgraded me to overnight so my crate should arrive tomorrow.


Right. Not expecting it before Christmas - often takes items another week to arrive after I get the shipping notice. So, I’m just hoping to get it by the end of the year.

I also just got my shipping notice, it will be close.

ETA: Mine arrived today, 12/21. Yippee!

I paid for expedited shipping to be delivered today. Before Christmas. Actually says today is the expected arrival date on my order. And it still hasn’t shipped. And won’t get here before Christmas. Bad woot. Did it ship and you are just hiding the tracking number from me?

You have nothing in your email? and nothing is showing up in your “stuff you ordered”? Weird.

I did not pay for expedited shipping. I did get a tracking number, it has shipped and states it arrived in my town this morning a 2am. The tracking number says shipping arrival date as tomorrow. We’ll see if they let it sit at the facility or if it gets on a truck today.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I’ll check with CS as well.