Winter Crate & Ugly Sweater Tee!

Woo hoo. And Happy November Day to you.

Looks like the crate’s shadow items are:

Magnet Set

Glad I didn’t miss this. Excitement level set to max.

I am confused. Is the crate just a box? With the t-shirt and hat in it? Or something more?

A heads up to Wooters: THIS IS NOT A BOX OF CRAP. Buy one for the surprise of shirt.woot related goodies. Do not buy one if you’re expecting a BO****C.

More. See the post above yours.

THANK YOU for the PSA!

As to the contents, look in the photo gallery. There’s a vague outline of what you’ll get.

You should probably repost this every few minutes.

As someone who doesn’t stop by here much anymore, I am confused by this lot…does this mean we COULD get up to seven items, or we DEFINITLY get seven items…and how would the average passerby know that? I don’t see anything that says “you will get the three items pictured plus four surprises”

The crate on the main photo also seems to be hiding some kind of shrubbery. A wreath? In, and excited.

Finally a box of woot stuff that can ship internationally! Crate get!

  • hat. Did they add after launch?

Yeah, I am in the same boat. Especially at $18-21 for the ‘extra’ loot.
Guess you could always take advantage of the holiday returns offer if it is really a literal Box of Crap.

above post auto changed BOC , but allowed box of crap when edited… strange

It looks like we are not the only ones confused…according to the stats that i found 99% of the buyer are people who have been with woot over a year…this is not a sale for new or infrequent shoppers

I’ve been a Woot member since before amazon, I’m really more questioning the value of this “deal”.

Woot should have a monthly Woot Crate. It’d be like Loot Crate, but with a W instead of an L.

Woo hoo! A crate!


Dear woot!

Ugly Holiday Sweater tshirts should be long-sleeved. Make it so.