Winter in July

A few questions:

  1. What’s the difference between the hand warmers (40pk vs 40pr)? I seriously doubt that you get twice as many for the same price. Half the size per pouch I’d imagine?
  2. Do these have an expiration or “best-by” date? Seems items based on chemical reactions, even in a sealed pouch, might go bad eventually. (Edit I now see the 12/31/2014 - Thought the Expiration date under Specs was for the sale, my bad. That probably shouldn’t be bolded on top, from someone that doesn’t come here often.)
    2a) Nice thinking on the 90 day warranty - 90% of people that will buy these won’t even open them for at least 90 days. (stat pulled from bum)

There was no difference between the two. They were from different orders on our end is all. We ended one sale to eliminate the confusion.

The expiration date for each is on the Specs tab.

Good questions!

Oh my god, how are these ski bags still available? I’ve bought two of them in previous woots and thought I was getting a great deal, but now feel like a sucker for having not waited! These are phenomenally good travel bags they’re basically giving away. I’d buy a third if I didn’t think my wife would kill me for hoarding…

Would the laser luge accommodate a man in his early 20s?

crosses fingers

Well, this video shows an adult on it. It’s at 1:08.