Winter is Coming Link

Seems like the link to merchandise isnt currently working using the web or on the app (Samsung Galaxy S5)

Is it a bad link? I’m having no luck…

I am having no success either…didnt know where to post this to be honest but figured I would bring it up

Where are you entering from? It’s working for me from Clearance and the email.

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I’m unsuccessfully trying to enter from the banner on samsung galaxy s8 in the app. I’m not sure if I’m allowed in so haven’t clicked the “email us” link yet

For your body link is not working for me either… regular old desktop & woot app on iphone… :confused:

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I can get to it from the Sports woot page, but not from the clearance.

this link no bueno

@dafrogman You’re not crazy.


Originally from my pointless push to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) but also from the email I received at ~12pm Central time.

My link is now fixed on my my email.

So is it just Sports “to your body” that is the issue? I’m getting that one fixed.


John Krasinski What GIF by The Animal Crackers Movie


To your body is fixed now

Is anything else broken?


Sorry, TT, my body is still broken. Well, not broken, exactly, just not functioning like it should. Can you fix it? I’ll give you a dollar and a shoe. It’s gotta be better than the surgery I have scheduled in a couple of weeks.

Please note: the shoe may or may not match any other shoes you may own. Size is yet to be determined. Dollar will be legal US tender though it might be slightly damp. It’s better not to ask questions.


Same problems here. WTF. Woot the F*ck…

Reload the page. we fixed it about 20 minutes ago.

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Both the mobile app and browser work for me now. Thank you and the rest of the Woot! staff.

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Belated thanks, I can get in now.

If you saw my basement you might think otherwise.

… But I was right about the link tho. :wink:

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