Winter Whites

Good morning, Wooters! This is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, or our winery. We are the nation’s oldest continuous producer of genuine ice wine. After several years of early winter weather that was too warm for our Vidal Blanc grapes, Nature gave us a break in 2013, and this beautiful wine is the result!

Any notes on the praxis viognier? It was offered last in January.

Although the Praxis Viognier is VERY similar year to year, this offering is the 2013 vintage. Happy to answer any questions…

Why isn’t the Praxis available to ship to Michigan? I’ve ordered plenty of wines from out of State and have not had any issues.

Each winery must obtain a license for each state. If that winery isn’t licensed for Michigan, they can’t sell it there.

I just paid $19/btl club for those Wellingtons last weekend when I visited, and now WD does this to me.
Wondering if I can get a credit?

Good stuff.
Peter does right by his whites too.
Buy these.

pm for ya TT


Well edited!
Wonder who else will notice :wink:

Well, if it’s already been edited, how will we notice? :smirk:

Anyone have notes on the Wellington?

The last vintage of the roussanne that i had was probably the 08’ maybe 09’, but I’m sure his style has not changed, if you like fuller bodied whites that maintain the crispness of the lighter whites but aren’t big fruit bombs this wine is for you. I would describe the nose as more herbaceous than fruity. My wife likes lighter whites so this is a pass for me but I’m sure it’s great. Kyle likes these quite a bit if I recall correctly.

Didn’t catch that, thanks for the heads up.

I’d love to hear from anyone who did try either of the last two vintages of our Praxis Viognier. We aim for a wine that is clean, crisp, fruity, unoaked and not overly floral.

Yes I bought. Thanks, enablers.

Smart decision, my friend.

Anyone else in Minnesota having problems ordering the Wellington? Its listed as it ships to Minnesota but when I try to order I get an error of “This item cannot be shipped to MN. Please remove this wine from your order.”

I know each wine has a restriction on what states it ships to but this one is listed as being able to ship to MN.

Drop a note to Peter or Toby. Quite likely they’ll hook you up as they are licensed to ship there.

Wellington Vineyards may currently arrange shipping on your behalf to the following U.S. states:

We do hold a MN ds permit. Previously, Amazon did not ship to MN; this may be a recent change, with a programming glitch. If w00t service can’t straighten out the issue, contact us directly and we’ll replicate the offering as closely as possible.