WIPE NEW Original

How good is this stuff?

I’ve used this on trim and it lasts as long or longer than similar products…it is my favorite for trim.

Posted by mistake - should have been under the Wipe NEw headlight product.

How long do the wipes last? I see this is an as seen on T.V. product… I have seen headlight wipes and trim wipes on T.V. emphasizing the headlight renewal or restore. I believe the claim was it lasted for over long time by showing a comparison from prior application, after, then after large number of car washes, like 50 or more… Is this more of a permanent product or is it like Armor-all, which I have used inside and on wheels and tires as a routine cleaning?

“Does not use silicone like other products that require constant reapplication; will last for years” Yes… I did read this. I thought the product I spoke of was mainly aimed at headlights. That’s why I am asking.

Is this any different than rubbing compound (the one for paint). I’ve used rubbing compound to make some old cars look new, but using compound and a high speed polisher didn’t make much difference on my dad’s 1980 Dodge mini truck. Will this do something that other compounds won’t?

You use compound on trim? This is strictly for plastic trim.

Ahhh, I thought it was for everything. My dad’s old truck doesn’t even have any plastic trim, lol. I have used compound on trim (a plastic bumper), however, but only because I was fixing the paint.

$29.99 retail???
As usual, inflated retail price.
The Wipe New website itself says $14.99 (http://www.wipenew.com/product/wipe-new-orginal/).
Same $14.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ace (not a discount hardware) is asking $19.99.

Well, it’s no the retail price. It’s the List Price - what the manufacturer wishes you’d pay for it but knows you won’t.

That said, I emailed the Tools team.