Wireless 3 Button Optical Mouse

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Wireless 3 Button Optical Mouse [Refurbished] - $4.99 + $5 shipping

1 * HP GM323AA#ABA 3-Button Wireless Mouse

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Wireless 3 Button Optical Mouse
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP GM323AA#ABA 3-Button Wireless Mouse

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Why do you think its offered so cheap?

Just the ticket to keep my mom from yanking out her mouse cord every time she picks it up and tries to pull it out like an old-fashioned corded telephone.

In for 2.


hee hee hee

it’s on woot

this should be in a “bag-o-crap”

Amazon has it new for $19.46.



Appears to be a perfectly adequate wireless mouse. “Your” not gonna be dissatisfied.

27 MHz? That’s the same frequency as my RC Pocket Racer! This should be fun!

This really shows the economic condition of the world. How could anyone be paid so little that it is economically possible to REmanufacture product, send it to the USA, and sell it at a price where it can be resold for $5. That said, I may buy one. Someone has to exploit those 3rd world countries otherwise capitalism will collapse!

Great deal. In for 2

What type of battery does it take, and how many? It’s not in the description.

Most likely AA’s.

It’s cheaper on eBay, selling for $6.48 with free shipping. and you can buy them in a lot of 10 or even 100.
worth every penny

27mhz?..thats the same freq as cb radios! hope you don’t have a neighbor with one or live by an interstate.my old R.A.D.TWO robot uses that freq and won’t work half the time because of RF interferance…BEWARE!

I’ll find out when they get delivered. Bought 3.

That’s also the CB radio band. Watch out if you live next to a major highway, because the “good buddy” truckers might make your mouse pointer jump around with their illegal overpowered CB radios.

2? why not just buy the 3rd one…