Wireless 3 Button Optical Mouse

AA and one

Where do you think Woot got 'em??

I chose not to. I got one for my wife’s computer and one for a spare. I hope that’s ok with you. It’s the American way, the freedom of choice thing…

W00t off!!!

wow…i took the day off to “work from home”…oops!

No cord? NO WAY!!! I need the safety cord to prevent me from throwing the mouse across the room everytime one of the ghosts eat Ms. Pacman :slight_smile:

I like mice

This listing states “Operates on two AA batteries (included)”:


not two? buy new and it ships with 2 AA’s in box… i’m just sayin’

Had this one and a couple more. Batteries died every few days - hate these wireless ones - have not found a really good one. Back with a Belkin wired mouse - not so great, but not changing batteries all the time either.

It’s spelled YOUR.
You’re is short for “you are”, as in “You are using that incorrectly.”

oh and you know what “burt” means in Armenian, right? i’m just sayin’.

Currently using a wireless keyboard/mouse combo with 1 transmitter. Need a new mouse. Will this work instead of current mouse

I don’t. Enlighten us, please.

they usually have a set frequency for the mouse and the USB stick. If you have extra USB drives there is no reason you can’t use both USB sticks.

I use a Logitech for everyday use. Lasts weeks on 2 AA batteries. And I use rechargeables. More economical.


i don’t think i’ve used my F5 key since the last woot!off

that’s right next to the F off key, right?

I thought Burt was Armenian for Barfholomew, as a Mog would be named that.

Helping the cause a bit…in for one