Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Case

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Case

Garbage!!! These things are a waste of money. The quality is poor. They are cheaply made!


I can imagine. $30 for an unbranded knockoff of a product that retails for over five times that, plus all the fancy dongles? No way it’s lasting more than a day. I’ve had wired earbuds that cost that much die in a month

Definitely not wasting money here

Im willing to take the chance. I’ve never had a pair and it would be nice to use just in one ear while working to listen to some tunes. For $30 what the heck why not. If they don’t work good I’m sure woot will take care of me. Great customer service! Now color decisions hmm

These are just like the name brand version without all the quality.

These are garbage…the other post is correct! I bought these for my son & he can have the case fully charged but then one of the ear buds isn’t charged. I even told him to make sure the case is sitting upright so a connection between the ear piece & case is made but that made no difference! I think it’s been too long otherwise I’d return them…DON’T waste your money!!! Seriously!