Wireless Camera and Motion Activated Light

He’s Watching You… Um… You Know

worst invention ever lmao

Awesome, I’ve been wanting one of these to put at my neighbors windows!

Hey look, woot’s telling us all that it’s time for bed. Thanks for the hint woot

my neighbors would love this corse they already have em

Eh, that does it for me, I’m off to bed. Good wooting to you all.

How much$$$ was this woot

Yeah, were are all the Woot-Trackers ? Usually there are 3 or 4 of them adding the prices to each of these…

Ok… Based on my quantum calculations it was $50.00.

Order Pace was (1) every 30.945 seconds.
60 seconds in a minute = 1.938 orders a minute
60 minutes in an hour = 116.335 orders per hour

Woot Revenue per hour = $5,816.77

$5,816.77 / 116.335 = $50.00

Those R prob the two I sent back to woot from a few woot-off’s ago. I hooked one up on a Friday night and my wireless internet worked great until it was night. When the sun went down we’d hit the switch for the lights outside and our wifi stopped working, lol.