Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock

Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock

Will this charge my Samsung S10 with a case on it? Will it charge the phone if I set it face down?

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Probably, I charge my S9 wirelessly and it has a case.

Uh…probably not. I think it has to be on its back.

This product is cheaper on amazon.

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That may very well be true. Do you have a link to the AMZN item?

LED Alarm Clock Time Temperature Display Wireless Charger Charging Pad Dock, Qi-Certified for iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, XR, Xs Max, XS, X, 8, 8 Plus, 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z814D4J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_GaSrEbT4KMTJV

18.99 with an additional 5% off total $18.05

Ah, different brand. Looks the same though. Thanks!

We ordered two and they arrived yesterday. I honestly expected it to be heavier and made of better materials but as long as you don’t pick it up and observe it closely to find that out, they look very nice and were easy to program. They also successfully charge my Samsung Note 8 (soon to be a Samsung Note 9; thanks for the great deal yesterday on those, Woot! woot woot). They charge my husband’s Motorola and iPhone as well.


Can anyone tell me what color the time and temp is on the display?

It’s a bright blueish white. But not so bright that it’s annoying at night.

This may sound silly but what do I plug into to charge the clock itself? Will my iPhone 7 charge cable be OK? Charging the clock is not mentioned in the so-called user manual that comes with it.

I have no evidence to prove this (chord is never shown in a pic), but my assumption is that it plugs into the wall like a normal nightstand alarm clock. The clock is not wireless, it wireless-ly charges other things. It should be more accurately titled “Digital Alarm Clock That Wirelessly Charges”. But they chose less than perfectly clear over wordy. Unlike this response.

At least I hope that’s the case, because I just ordered one.

It doesn’t come with an AC power cable, just a USB to micro USB cable. I guess I can plug it into the computer. I don’t want to overpower it.

Ok, that’s silly. Cancelled my order. A standard alarm clock plugs into the wall. So if this is a rechargeable alarm clock it should be made darn clear in the description and maybe called “travel” clock. Who wants to use rechargeable alarm clock at home? At home you plug it into the wall and forget about it.

You can plug it into a USB adapter (wall wart). Many items are doing that these days.

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I use a micro USB to USB cord… plug the micro into the clock and the USB into the wall adapter (as TT suggested) and all is fine. I have no complaints. I have to be honest though… at some point in the middle of the night it sometimes wakes me up. I am not sure if it stops charging once the battery is full and then starts again or what… but I get a charging tone beep (from my phone) a few times in a row and I wake up and tend to take it off the clock. I honestly really like the clock otherwise though!

Different box, maybe. Definitely the same product.

Yeah, it’s the very common “import generic thing from China and slap brand name on it” game. The sellers on Alibaba will even silkscreen it for you. Still, the price on Amazon seems to be within a buck of the cost to get it sent directly from China in low quantity, so it’s not exactly a “deal” but it’s not a bad price. At this price point the wireless charging part is going to be equivalent to one of those $5 generic ones that you find in Target or 5 Below… it’ll work with many phones but will be limited to relatively low charging currents.

Here it is on DHGate direct from china for under $16.

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Sigh. Now I’ve spent too much time on this. I found the FCC filing for this product, which says it’s manufactured by Shenzhen Mossloo Industrial, who price it on their website for under $19. If you want to resell it with your own silkscreen branding, head on over Alibaba and get it for under $10 in quantities of 500 or more. :slight_smile:


Oh lord! There is no branding here, it is a manufacture in china that sells to different distributors… Come on now! You know you have some savvy buyers on here. Let’s be professional! Is there anybody auditing your deals before publishing. So sad your guys lost your DNA