Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock

This looks eerily like a clock I bought at Sam’s that’s a piece of junk. Runs fast and keeps increasing as the days go on. It’s 30 minutes fast as I type this. Controls are horrible too. I’d pass on this clock.

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I picked this up in January … once I figured out the controls, it’s worked perfectly.

well… up until 7:47 Friday morning … it hasn’t changed since then, it’s been hard-locked on 7:47 for almost a week.

I’ve unplugged it, and pushed all the buttons and held them in every combination I can think about and nothing happens.

HELP —> Does anybody know how to RESET the unit ???

Hey … I figured it out myself… just as I was about to tear the thing apart!
there’s a tiny hole on the bottom of the unit … the reset switch. Duh