Wireless Charging Pad with LED Lights

Anyone able to check my math? With a 2 amp input, I’ll only get 730 milliamps to the charged device?

Thanks for any enlightening.

piece of garbage i bought 2 from another site and neither worked

I was going to ask if this worked with the Apple Watch. But, apparently, it doesn’t work - period!

Does this fazt charge? I have a pair of Samsung stand models and love them. Best $15 ever on a charger. I have a few lilipads Samsung and various brands that aren’t fast. I wouldn’t buy again without fast. Wish I could get a combo for my watch and phone, not for space savings as much as outlet walwarts taking over extra sockets.

This worked fine for my iphone 8, charged at a reasonable rate, but didn’t touch my Qi enabled Android phones - light changed from red to blue indicating a charge, but the battery depleted the same.

I imagine you’d have to take your phone out of its case for this to work. Anyone know for certain?

Curious about this also. Would be a deal breaker for me…

Most cases prevent wireless charging, but it always pays to ask the case manufacture or check if other users reported this in a review.

There are adapters you can buy to connect to your phone’s charging port that extends the wireless charging pad to the back of the phone case.

This may also work for some phones that don’t have wireless charging to begin with.

My plastic and silicone case works fine for wireless charging. My wife’s wallet case does not. It’s a distance between the 2 issue.

Aside from the difficulty finding the “sweet spot” in order to get the device to charge, the LED light on mine is bright blue. Don’t put this in your bedroom as a charging option. Unless you’re looking for a night light as well…

Good for the office or kitchen counter for easy drop and easy grab & go. Definitely charges slow.

I haven’t had this issue with my off brand of Samsung ones using an Otterbox.

Received this as an X-mas gift (don’t know which retailer). Lasted three nights. In the garbage it went.

Exact same charging pad at the store “5 Below” is $5" many other places have it for less this.

I have had one of these for about a year and it works fine with Samsung Phones, Have used it with Galaxy 7 and 8 models of different types. It does not do the fast Wireless Charge so expect a full charge to take like 10 hours. I have tried it with a iPhone X and it said it was charging. It will charge through a case but only if the case is rubber/plastic and pretty thin.

Wow, this looks exactly like the charger I got at Five Below.

If it is, I’ll let you know now that there are 4 blue LEDs that light up the clear area when it’s charging, and there’s a faint high-pitched whine when it’s not charging.

If you use this with a Samsung or Apple product, beware that if it damages your phone or other device you are not covered by any warranty since it’s not an approved wireless charger by either manufacturer.

I have two other wireless charges and both work with my phone in it’s otterbox case.

On the question of cases and wireless charging in general, “it depends”.

I have a Galaxy S8 and that charges just fine through a Lifeproof FRE case on one of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EMWJ6Z6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
This stand linked (not the one for sale today) also worked for a Nabi that I modded with internal wireless charging (because the charging port fell apart) after I took off the bumpy back.

However, if your case is any thicker (say, one with a built in stand), or has any metal in it, or you have one of these stick on wallets on the back of the case, wireless charging will probably not work.

I can say that I have had much better experiences with the multiple coil wireless chargers than I have with single coil models like this one, but more in terms of getting it lined up to charge easily rather than whether the charger worked once aligned. That said, I also would not buy another single coil wireless charger.

I wouldn’t say most cases, My otter box defender, is fairly thick and works fine with my Samsung s-7…Now if you talking apple iphone it’s probably more of the phone than it is the case.