Wireless Devices

Just thought I’d give a heads up on the iGo PS00264-004 powerXtender that uses the AA batteries from the last woot where I picked a pair up on a lark. I know a lot of you see this and consider it but are uncertain. I will give you the low down on it here.

These little gems do work for emergency power. Thats what they are made for, like if there is a massive power outage because of hurricane. If your phone will charge on a .5 amp charger these will work. The caveat is you need to turn the phone off first. I found that with the phone on, the charging indicator on the phone was cycling off and on. Once I turned the phone off it charged steadily until the little blue power light went out. I own a Nexus 4 which has some horsepower. The set of included duracell batteries got me 24% charge. Not bad for two little AA’s. With some eneloops or lithium AA’s you’ll get even more mileage out of them. Obviously not a main charger roll, but as SHTF with a crap load of the cheap batteries from woot scenario, I feel confident. These will keep going after your fancy 10,000mah battery charger runs out of juice. At this price I’m picking up 3 more for gifts for loved ones and more AA’s next time woot puts up more cheapies.

Note: only works on devices that charge with micro-usb or old non-lightning iStuff. Dont bother for tablets. You would get like 1-5% charge if it even had enough juice to get the charging started. They do have other tips on iGo website if needed.

Just picked up the Westinghouse speaker yesterday over at Groupon. It is $10 less and free shipping. Sorry Woot!


Apparently the Audiosource POP speaker is fantastic. I just didn’t want it in red, and for 2$ (counting woots 5$ shipping)more, I got it ordered in black from Amazon, with 2 day shipping.

The AudioSource Bluetooth speaker has great reviews on Amazon. The price appears to be a good deal as well. I’m buying one.


The embedded video for the ipad game controller ‘does not exist’ :frowning:

Awwww. Thanks. I’ll let the right people know.